Revolutionizing Automated Storage Systems Monitoring with IoT-enabled Software

Revolutionizing Automated Storage Systems Monitoring with IoT-enabled Software

Accelerated Go-to-Market by Modernizing Core Applications for a Leading OEM.

Eliminated the manual processes with breakthrough digital technologies, to digitize business workflows, accelerate go-to-market and optimize customer experience.


The client is a renowned Original Equipment Manufacturer, manufacturing Automated Storage Systems with a large customer base spread nationally and overseas. They approached us for a solution to monitor their vertical storage system.

The Problem Outline

The client required a centralised solution or system to remotely monitor storage systems implemented at different locations. The company wanted monitor critical parameters, with instant alerts on any faults arising using a user-friendly software. the application runs 24×7 and accessible, in real-time on the same platform by multiple users with credentials via the internet.

The Solution Summary

The client needed a single unified software to monitor parameters and performance. The automated solution needed to monitor equipment wear and tear remotely the. They needed to saves time and improve on the equipment quality. The solution had to ensure quick go-to-market and also improve upon AMC sign ups.

The OEM wanted to improve their market value and be unique unlike their competitors. The automated task reduced Manual Intervention and helps improved the efficient data trends that also resulted in quick ROI. The company aimed at overall improved brand value and ensure better customer satisfaction with this solution.

t-Sense offered a Modular Solution for monitoring and controlling their equipment via a 24/7 monitoring system that improved centralized visibility and reduced greatly maintenance costs. Time and Cost Saving was achieved by increasing the overall efficiency of machines in the storage system. The software connects to their PLC system and provides real-time information regarding the same. Definitely the cloud-based software application provided value addition to improve productivity and performance of the Automated Storage Systems they supplied.

Outcome / Result

  • The OEM got Software by in-house development matching customer requirement
  • Customisable solution that’s tailor-made specific for the unique business needs
  • Timely decision-making enabled by data-driven results and trends for management
  • With Domain expertise the solution experts working closely provided value to client’s business
  • Monitoring PLC to read and write information that is transmitted
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting provided by the solution


  • Improved Equipment Performance by 70%
  • 60% reduction in unplanned maintenance costs
  • Improves product quality, by knowing the instant alert trends, by 40%
  • Knowing machine status and progress more instantly
  • Increases Machine Intelligence and the AMC sign-ups by 50%


The OEM is provided a single unified software for all their needs. The automated solution to monitor parameters remotely in real time ensured quick go-to-market advantage and improved AMC sign-ups.

Overall, it saves on lesser downtime and reduces equipment failures to minimum.

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Client testimonials

“By providing an IoT enabled platform for our monitoring system we not only saved on go-to-market time and on costs, but also got value addition to our products. We are impressed and benefitted by the devices alerting us when there is a failure or discrepancy in the equipment.”

– Joint Managing Director