How Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing Leather Manufacturing Industry

How Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing Leather Manufacturing Industry

IoT solutions for Leather manufacturing industry


The client is a reputed leather manufacturer with large manufacturing unit that deploys a range of sophisticated machines in the process. They were looking for an asset monitoring system for their manufacturing machines operating at the factory, to control the cost and improve productivity. The need to monitor each of their machines.

The Problem Outline

Our technical team made a direct visit to see the possibilities in implement the IoT solution that would solve their pain points and requirements. As a leading leather manufacturing company they deployed various types of machines for processing and manufacturing types of leather. The client needed a remote diagnostic tool to monitor health and usage of the machine involved in production. The proposed system should help via data analytics to know about maintenance details to improve productivity.

They needed to monitor the Hot Pressing Machines, Screw Air Compressors, Wet finishing & Dry finishing drums, etc. They wanted to know how much electricity is consumed by a particular machine which is the major paint point in production cost. They wanted to cut down on their electricity bill. So far they calculating the performance of the production line and not the performance of the individual machines which is a grey area. They required to monitor the running of the machines whether ON or OFF at a point of time.

The Solution Summary

Our cloud-based IoT solution makes it convenient for the client to monitor different machines at different locations. This solution can deliver infrastructure monitoring and provide end-user experience that is needed for a great digital experience for users. The web-based machine monitoring and management platform measures current values of parameters of each machine and group of machines to give visibility and to evaluate the performance over a period of time that can be defined. Power consumption of machines in production line can be easily monitored with IoT devices installed.

The IoT application for machine monitoring can constantly monitor the critical parameters, along with the trends, making it easy for managers to take data-driven (informed) decisions. The application can monitor on 24×7 basis, in real-time, on the IoT platform provided by Trinetra tSense. The application has benefits like:

  • Know your assets performance in real-time
  • Finds the trend in faults and discrepancies
  • Increases machine health and reduces the maintenance cost
  • Overall Cost Savings for the unit in power and resources
  • Performance of machines analysed and reports generated immediately.
  • Value Addition to improve productivity

Outcome / Result

  • Remote monitoring gives 24×7 visibility of assets at remote locations
  • Instant notification/alerts on abnormalities and hazards
  • Remote monitoring of machine health increases uptime and productivity
  • Helps in better energy management of assets for company
  • Overall improved machine performance

Our customisable IIoT solution is cloud hosted on a single unified software platform. Purpose-based sensors deployed can monitor numerous parameters to generate the data needed for remote diagnostics and data analytics. It improves overall performance of the machines and productivity of the manufacturing unit.

Access your Generator online at any location, monitoring at any time

Remote Generator Monitoring System


The client is a well-known Generator manufacturer and provider to retail chain stores, with operations spread across the whole country. They were intent on outsourcing a remote asset monitoring system for their diesel generators installed in various geographic locations.

The Problem Outline

The client wanted to monitor the locations of the end-customer’s Generator. They needed a remote diagnostic tool to monitor the engine running hours and fuel level of each generator set. The proposed system should help them to know about maintenance details to improve productivity via remote monitoring and analytics. They wanted to add value to their product range and for product development with the data obtained from remote assets.

The Solution Summary

The IoT application for remote assets proposed, can instantly monitor critical parameters along with its trends, which is for making easy data-based (informed) decision making. The software application can monitor on 24×7 basis, in real-time, on the IoT platform provided by us. The benefits of the solution provided are:

  • Time and Cost Saving for the company
  • Value Addition by improved productivity
  • Helps to know the trend of faults and improvement done
  • Increase the machine health and reduce the maintenance which comes under warranty
  • Time and Cost Saving for the company
  • Performance of the assets easily analysed and reports compiled instantly

Outcome / Result

  • Remote monitoring offers 24×7 visibility of assets on remote sites,
  • Instant notification/alerts on abnormalities and hazards
  • Remote monitoring of machine health increases uptime
  • Helps in better energy/fuel management of assets for stakeholders
  • Overall improved brand value and ensures customer retention

This customised automated IIoT solution when deployed runs on a single unified software platform which is cloud hosted. Purpose based sensors monitor numerous parameters remotely to generate data for remote diagnostics and analytics. It improves both product development for the OEM and post sales experience.

Improving safety & maintenance of ATM system using Internet of Things

IoT based ATM Monitoring system


The client is a reputed manufacturer of ATM machines and other automated equipment with a large client list and wide service network that spans the whole country. As a reputed OEM with an esteemed band name, they wish offer value addition to their products

The Problem Outline

The client wanted to add value to their range of ATM machines which were being supplied to major client across the nation. They wanted a solution for the remote monitoring of ATMs. The following were identified as their pain points.

  • They need to monitor the location of the ATM machines in real time (with GPS tech)
  • The ATM users want to know the nearest ATM via the mobile app
  • Quick TAT for any faults improves customer experience
  • Continuous surveillance for security reasons

The Solution Summary

The application we offered can instantly monitor critical parameters along with its trends for easy data-based (informed) decision making. The software application will run on 24×7 basis and in real-time on the IoT platform provided by us. The benefits of the solution provided are:

  • Client can monitor location of the ATM machine online
  • Decreases security hazards by monitoring in real-time
  • Help to know the trend of faults and improvement done
  • Increase the machine health and reduce the maintenance which comes under warranty
  • Time and Cost Saving for the company
  • Performance of the assets easily analysed and reports compiled instantly

Outcome / Result

  • Remote surveillance offers 24×7 visibility on remote sites, identifies abnormalities and access
  • Instant notification on abnormalities and hazards
  • Monitor on-site movement of service personnel.
  • Remote monitoring of machine health
  • Helps in energy management of assets.

We Check feasibility and do a Proof of Concept to help the client to decide. This customised automated IIoT solution when deployed runs on a single unified software platform which is cloud hosted. Purpose based sensors monitor numerous parameters remotely to generate data for remote diagnostics and analytics. It improves product development for the OEM, improving post sales experience.

Enhanced Drilling Rig Equipment Efficiency using IOT Solutions

IoT Based Drilling Rig Equipment Monitoring System


Renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of drilling rig machines which finds application across segments. They wanted to industrial IOT and offer Rig machines integrated with IOT technology to deliver enhanced customer service, improve decision-making and increase the value of the business.

The Problem Outline

Client faced challenge in monitoring the equipment availability, not knowing maintenance details upfront that lead to downtime and significant productivity loss. They were in need of Industrial IOT technology solution to automate the vital health monitoring process, predict failure points and improve productivity by carrying out planned maintenance activities efficiently.

The Solution Summary

We replaced their legacy methods and offered them IOT technology solution, to continuously monitor their critical rig equipment and improve diagnostics accuracy. Telematics system was set up to monitor Engine Operation Parameters and collect significant data to determine the effectiveness, efficiency of drilling. This advanced sensing technology enabled them to enable preventive maintenance and thereby avoid equipment breakdown failures.

Features that meet customer demands

  • Sensors fetched equipment’s health data and displayed informative insights
  • Increased operational efficiency through condition monitoring
  • Reduced operational costs through preventive maintenance
  • Enabled them to Predict malfunctions and schedule service maintenance ahead

Now client can monitor machine running time, fuel consumption during idling, Optimal & overload mode, and vibration status of the machine easily, analyse various reports compiled within minutes, which previously took weeks. Utilizing machine data with respect to fuel consumption, engine operation parameters they reduced break down costs, saved drilling time and ultimately helped improve operation efficiency.

Want Asset health monitoring solution for your drilling rigs or need to know in detail? Leave an enquiry to find out more.

IoT Based Remote Monitoring for Road Cleaning Equipment’s

IoT Based remote monitoring of cleaning equipments


An accredited company in India Manufacturing a diverse range of Cleaning Equipment that give outstanding performance & lowest maintenance cost. To remain at par with the competition in the industry they have utilised emerging technology to get accurate picture of everything for analysis.

The Problem Outline

Client is looking at ways to provide the highest standard product & Quality of service to their Clients, for this they preferred remote monitoring system that can monitor machine health, assist analyse vast volumes of data & do accurate prediction of potential problems.

The Solution Summary

We with domain & solution expertise team provided them with IOT System that enabled them to set up monitoring temperature, review of oil temperature, pressure & RPM of the engine to optimise its operations. Especially with sensors integrated to the manufactured Cleaning Machine they could get better insights into the operations and fix any faults in quick TAT. IoT enabled cleaning equipment gives supervisors the ability to remotely monitor performance, track the location, usage history, maintenance schedule and battery charge of equipment for maximised operational efficiencies.

Adoption of this technological advances enabled the client to transform their businesses from reactive to proactive and predictive. With cutting edge technology & functionality, they were able to give their customers the best, set benchmark in the industry well beyond any other product in the market. Our solution enabled them to analyse problems by accessing Logged data from sensors and indicator lights installed on machines. By using these actionable insights into the critical sources manufacturers can reduce the maintenance cover under warranty period, increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and avoid disruption of operation in real time.

To be at the forefront of this technological evolution by implementing IoT technology contact us. We can create real advantage for users

Close to real time monitoring solution of the hoist machine

Hoist remote monitoring system


The company is a manufacturer and supplier of hoist machines in India. Having vast experience in the hoist machine manufacturing sector, the company decided to integrate IoT technology in hoist machines to monitor their performance by various parameters in real-time. The company approached Trinetra Tsense to get trackers for hoist machines managed via a mobile app.


  • Creating safety work environment by alerting on safety norms and crossing critical limits such as motor overheating & machine overloading, etc.
  • To provide statics reports on hoist machine operations such as the number of operating hours, start–stops, etc.
  • To give real-time data on the life span of critical components and their current health status.
  • Gather information on entire fleet maintenance performances.


The client’s requirement was they want to create safe working environment for their hoist machine users. So they decide to have a software technology implementation on the hoist machines they manufacture that can rapidly give alerts to the users at the time of safety norms violations or crossing critical limits of overheating, overloading, etc.  Using overweight or unnecessary brakes in hoist can lead to damage of wear components or brake failure. Tsense supported the clients with a hoist remote monitoring system that significantly allows the gathering data of detailed information on abnormal usage situations which can help to identify issues and plan remediation.

The other benefit of the real-time hoist monitoring system is it provides the statics report on the history of machine operation such as the number of working hours based on the start & stop of the machine. Collect real-time data of critical components through various parameters to calculate their life span which supports predictive maintenance to avoid downtime of hoist machines. It also provides data on entire fleet performance to make customer billing easy.

Outcome / Result

  • Easy monitoring of hoist machines to reduce overloading or overheating.
  • Performance of the assets was easily analyzed and reports were compiled within minutes
  • Start & Stop of hoist machine is monitored & handled easily.
  • Predictive analysis can be performed by monitoring critical components.
  • Data-driven approach for timely decision-making


By choosing the right IoT solution provider you can be a smarter and more efficient worker. To know more about hoist remote monitoring solution support leave us an enquiry, and we will reach you with more ideas and IoT solutions.

Get the best out of your assets with seamless IoT integration

IIOT Asset Monitoring


The client who approached us is a prominent OEM of cleaning equipment with a big client-base covering the country. They specialized in in manufacturing of equipment like floor cleaning machines and were seeking a solution for their pain points. Trinetra had an answer as they required to monitor their machines in real time to improve on performance and life span, by remote monitoring.

The Problem Outline

A leading manufacturer of floor cleaning machines, the customer actually needed a software solution with a system to constantly, remotely monitor their machinery running at a factory, industry or service area. They wanted a smart tracking soluton to identify the machine, to improve performance and life span of the assets on field. To increase machine lifespan, they had to know the usage of the Asset and by knowing maintenance details well. Data available in advance will help for easy AMC sign-up with the customer.

The solution they sought can instantly monitor critical parameters with its trends for easy data-based (informed) decision making. The software would improve machine quality and life by measuring its performance over a period of time with constant monitoring. The application will help to know the trend of faults and improvements on the machine will avoid downtime. Therefore, the software application they were seeking will run on 24×7 basis and be accessible by multiple users in real-time on the IoT platform provided by us.

The Solution Summary

The client needed a single unified software to monitor performance, as they considered it important to improve their product. The solution we developed, brought in maintenance of all assets on a single platform that reduces manual supervision. Performance of the assets can be easily analysed and reports compiled within minutes, based on running time and location parameters.

The other benefit is it maximises uptime for floor cleaning equipment, helping service executives with quick fault detection. Overall improved brand value ensures customer retention, besides ensuring their uniqueness in a competitive market. The automated solution with GPS enabled sensors help monitoring of machines from a remote location, with features for triggering Instant fault notification using remote diagnostics.

The IoT base solution helps in

  1. Know your assets’ performance
  2. Improved visibility over your assets
  3. Time and Cost Savings
  4. Value Addition to improve productivity

Outcome / Result

  • Data driven approach for timely decision-making
  • Domain expertise and Solution experts working closely to provide value to your business
  • Performance of the assets was easily analysed and reports compiled within minutes
  • Machine running, idling and charging status of the machine can easily monitor


When provided on a single unified software, customized for all their needs, the highly automated IIoT solution installed works to monitor numerous parameters remotely in real time and generates data for remote diagnostics and data analysis. It helps quick go-to-market advantage for product development by an OEM, besides improving on post sales experience of customers.

Embrace IoT Technology & remotely monitor your Hydraulic Machines

Remote Health Monitoring and Warning System


Automobile Industry with the vision of reducing cost of vehicles, increasing productivity and achieving global standards of quality. They work towards enhancement of the effectiveness using IIOT platform.

The Problem Outline

Without digital technology client faced difficulty in the following areas

  • Capturing actionable data about the performance of mobile machine systems
  • Monitoring critical parameters that will help us to increase machine lifespan
  • Making out the trend of faults and getting maintenance alerts well in advance
  • Reducing operational expenses by increasing machine performance

The Solution Summary

Client makes use of hydraulic machines in their production processes, they need to keep up with the modern market by implementing IIOT solution for asset monitoring.  They approached us asking custom solution specific for their business needs. Our team worked closely with their team experts to embrace this IOT technology & increase value by offering application-specific solutions.

They want us to apply advanced monitoring and diagnostic technology for machinery that would significantly increase the availability of equipment, reduce downtime and extend the life of the machine through real-time check on the machine’s statuses. We supported them to adopt IOT concepts and revolutionize traditional maintenance towards smart predictive maintenance.

By adding sensors and higher-level controllers to operational technology we enabled them to remotely monitor capital-intensive manufacturing equipment through a graphical dashboard on their smartphones. These machine monitoring devices connected to the edge computing gateway via their respective protocols offered them a simple, complete and efficient remote monitoring and diagnostic solution.

Outcome / Result

  • IOT technology gave incredible potential, let machine operators to get data on touch-screen instrument panels for analysis & making decisions.
  • By coming up with intelligence they could now Identify potential equipment failures early and fix 48 percent of the faults within 60 seconds.
  • Performance of the assets was easily analysed and reports compiled within minutes, which previously took weeks. Resulted in Improved labour efficiency with 32,000 work orders per quarter.
  • Achieved Overall energy savings of about 10 percent per annum with ROI in less than 18 months’ time

By working with the right IoT development partner you could be smarter & more efficient. To know more on our Remote Hydraulic machine monitoring solution, leave an enquiry, we will contact you.

Industrial IOT platform solution offered for overall equipment efficiency

Asset performance monitoring


Precision Machining manufacturer offering tailor made cost effective solutions for various sectors including automotive components, agri equipment’s and for textile industry.

The Problem Outline

Client aimed to manufacture smart, connected products that deliver its customer value and define its competitive positioning.  In specific, their Technical VP approached us asking for IIOT solution to remotely access the machine data down to the device level.

Their requirement was to make use of this IOT technology and increases the efficiency of the machines, by integrating machines with different sensing devices that send data to software, makes it very easy to monitor the functioning of every machine, and use the results obtained effectively to make changes.

The Solution Summary

We enabled them integrate IOT into their machines and allowed for real-time monitoring. With this Industrial IOT technology solution end user can gain 100% visibility, make predictive maintenance, historical and live diagnostics, and tuning control available. critical tasks are made easier via effortless access to comprehensive, automated diagnostic web pages that are simple and intuitive. This add on feature allowed their end client’s to monitor machinery, track the performance of their machines and schedule data-driven maintenance and equipment replacement.

Outcome / Result 

  • Integrate IoT device and eliminate the friction with the end user
  • Enabling automation based on real-time machine condition data
  • Helps go for calendar based maintenance rather than reactive maintenance
  • Increases product quality and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Increase services revenue 30.5 percent
  • Decrease maintenance costs 50 percent
  • Experience a 23 percent increase in uptime.

We can help you with your IoT journey, get in touch to to take advantage of the tremendous value that connectivity brings.

Smooth and intuitive remote monitoring of solar plants to boost efficiency

remotely monitor Solar Photovoltaic System performance


A leading  Industrial manufacturer utilising solar panels to produce green energy for meeting out their energy consumption

The Problem Outline

Client was in need of IoT platform, a remote and real-time monitoring system to automatically track their solar PV system’s performance, identify anomalies if any and gain full control over the system without actually being present there.

  • They need to monitor the real time power generation by Solar Plant in one dash board
  • Know the issue in real time and take corrective action immediately
  • Monitor the performance ratio against forecast generation
  • Send alerts for deviation from standard condition
  • Automatic monthly power generation report to respective users

The Solution Summary

We connected & configured MODBUS slave along with other components and enabled the client with IOT based solar power panel monitoring solution.

get PV system embedded with software, network connectivity and sensors to collect, monitor, and exchange data.

Allowed the client to Keep track of weather conditions at your plant location to understand or predict power generation.

This data logger equipped them with beneficial insights to make data-driven decisions. They could gather real-time information, analyse the past data, compare the trends based on multiple parameters and observe any fault.

Further, using this intelligent monitoring platform they could easily initiate preventive maintenance, map out the cause of the accident and the location where the breakdown occurred.

  • Minimise operational expenses & accommodate the surging needs with each passing year
  • Unleash the potential of a solar system and helps reap maximum through the installation.
  • Allows users to access stored data and make informed decisions in a timely manner.
  • Get to know how the weather has impacted energy production in the past, and what you might expect in the future
  • Manage multiple solar plants in different cities or regions & Tap maximum amount of energy

Our industry proven, Internet of Things based Solar Tracking System and intelligent software solution helped client to do Web-based remote monitoring of solar array performance, battery load, and environmental data from sensors. For more information on our IOT based Solar Energy Monitoring System callus at +918144714445 or leave us an enquiry.