IoT leverages data to improve efficiencies and revenue streams

Apr 20 2022

IoT leverages data to improve efficiencies and revenue streams

IoT adoption is increasing as more and more businesses and industries, big and small, seek the benefits that this technology of the future offers in improving efficiencies and creating new revenue streams.

Underlying technologies that make the Internet of Things (IoT) are maturing and is also making it easier to implement, thus helping companies and organisations to gain new opportunities and improve operations. IoT and especially Industrial IoT is poised to cross over into the mainstream of business and manufacturing sector.

The number of businesses and industries using IoT applications is continuously increasing worldwide and opening up a huge market for the future. Fast growth of critical technologies and proliferation of devices have boosted the growth of IoT and adoption is not limited to large companies alone.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

The always live IoT operation with constant connectivity has allowed business to be more responsive and quicker, with continuous monitoring and remote diagnostics. This is changing the methods of operation and maintenance.

Real-time Insights with Data Analytics

Real-time data is an advantage and when you put it through Data Analytics, you get to make better informed decisions and identifying trends critical to you. Your customers too can gain insights that increase efficiency, cut operating costs and save energy. It can also drive innovation in service and product development unlike the past.

Moving up to Predictive Maintenance.

Turn your preventive maintenance service into the next level predictive maintenance, which not only enhances your service, but drives cost savings. Gain by optimising the utilisation of spares by accurate prediction of which parts need servicing. Eliminate usual scheduled visits to dispatch your maintenance staff on a need basis, which reduces your maintenance tasks and costs.

Scale up to an All-in-One Industrial IoT Solution.

If you want to scale up to a pre-built IIoT solution that provides edge-to-cloud platform, just connect your industrial assets to one digital space. Integrate all the components of your IIoT structure into one universal platform like that offered by Trinetra tSense, without the need to start from scratch to build one.


Trinetra tSense foresees the demand for IoT related applications in many sectors as its deployment is increasing across many businesses and industries. Predictive maintenance offers great potential as it supports backward compatibility and integration, an opportunity known as IoT retrofitting. IoT tech is getting increasingly empowered with smarter applications and innovations. It’s proof that we are surely moving towards Industry 4.0. Perceptibly, IIoT technology will benefit all stakeholders adopting it in the future. It opens up new opportunities in novel revenue streams and to boosts growth and development.

Experts at Trinetra tSense possesses the expertise and experience in IIoT projects to offer you customised solutions. You can also submit the enquiry form available online, or just email a request to us and our executive will contact you to discuss the details of your requirement.