IoT Enabled Generator set Minimize Operational Costs and Supports High ROI for OEM

May 10 2022

IoT Enabled Generator set Minimize Operational Costs and Supports High ROI for OEM

In this digital world, the demand for electricity is more intensive. To support industrial and household premises without any hassle the need for electric energy from the electricity grid should be regular. But there are factors like power outages, load shedding, and other main supply disruptions that create breaks in the electricity supply. A Generator Set(GenSet) is an option that gives hands to overcome the challenges of intermittent electricity breaks.

Many organization runs their business even at the time of power supply failure and reduces downtime costs using GenSet. However, it is an expensive asset for every organization, if they are not well maintained properly.  IoT-enabled smart monitoring GenSet can be the solution for this. IoT system enables equipping maintenance personnel to monitor remotely and analyze its health condition through a set of parameters collected in real-time from GenSet sensor controllers. The IoT smart monitoring system solution in GenSet can develop efficient and automated decision making, supports user-friendly operations through remote management, create real-time health awareness of the equipment, and increases predictive maintenances.

Important Measurement Parameters of Generator Set:

Running Hours:

The most obvious factor to be monitored and analyzed is the amount of time the Genset runs. Observing running hour parameters can help to maintain operating hours and study the usage pattern of Genset.

Fuel System:

Tracking the fuel systems can improve the performance effectiveness of GenSet.  The various parameters to be monitored in the case of a fuel system are diesel corrosion, fuel quality, and SFC measures. These parameters are remotely observed to maintain the fuel system of Genset effectively and in return, it works for a long duration.

Battery Status:

Using weak or undercharged batteries in Genset is the major cause for the standby of the power system. To avoid this challenge the major parameter to monitor is the optimum charge level in the battery to prevent dwindling and starting failure in generators. Nowadays most of the generator’s battery indicative test is performed easily using IoT every time they start.

Trinetra Tsense IoT Solution Provides Smart Generator Set with Features Minimizing Operational Costs and Supports High ROI for OEM

Real-Time Monitoring:

Trinetra Tsense IoT solutions address the pain points of the Genset OEMs and provide appropriate sensors to monitor parameters.

IoT smart Genset monitors every critical parameter(e.g fuel leakage) in real-time and sends alerts /notifications instantly for immediate actions in case of any critical issues. Trinetra Tsense IoT M2M solutions reduce fuel pilferage or fuel leakage by 80% with instant alert.

Remote Scheduling Management:

IoT system enables generator sets to turn on/off remotely from anywhere by avoiding manual handling and increasing user convenience. As a result, reduces manpower costs by up to 20% with preemptive alerts.

Reports & Dashboards:

Collect informational data in real-time and generate reports (daily, weekly, monthly) on fuel consumption to know the performance of the Genset. As a result, it can reduce the risk of failures and improves performance efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance:

Anyone can take easy decisions based on the robust data collected and viewed on dashboards. It’s easy to monitor load sharing, and under or overutilization of Genset, which can help to decide its health condition easily. It supports timely predictive maintenance by setting alarm notifications to avoid the shutdown of the Genset machines and reduce production loss.

Trinetra Tsense, a reliable M2M IoT Solution provider have helped OEMs to utilize the above smart features in generator set and increased their performance efficiency. Also reduce their operational costs and increased their ROI. To know more about IoT solutions reach us @