An IoT enabled asset monitoring system gives more control over your equipment and machines

Nov 15 2021

An IoT enabled asset monitoring system gives more control over your equipment and machines

Technology gives businesses and industries the chance to develop a competitive edge. In a competitive market this edge gives the business or service the key to success. IoT is a technology that is growing at a rapid pace, gaining more acceptance in many sectors.

Therefore, an IoT enabled asset monitoring system is really what a business in industrial machinery, power, utilities as well as oil & gas entities should adopt. IoT enabled remote asset monitoring and management solutions gives you the ability to control better your equipment and machines, which make a positive impact on the business, such as increasing productivity, efficiency and customer experience, but helps reduce operating costs. So, it is a matter of time that more and more businesses and services invest in IoT-based remote monitoring solutions that definitely give the competitive edge because of its advantages.

Advantages of the IOT based Remote Asset Monitoring System

Lesser cost of data collection.

In a manual monitoring system, companies employ experienced network technicians to monitor remote sites continuously. With the IP based monitoring, you don’t need as many technicians to monitor and can considerably reduce expenses necessary for the travel to sites to only those when strictly necessary. Otherwise, all needed data can be transmitted online, via the internet. Investment in a remote monitoring system can pay for itself it will improve efficiency and help cost cutting.

High efficiency of monitoring system.

The monitoring system provides you a network for faster digital data collection and analysis. Also information is transmitted at all times instead of at intervals.

Detailed data from sites.

Unlike manual monitoring, IoT devices have the ability to provide detailed information or data on many aspects. Deployed on IP based Remote Terminal Units, the system will give you a complete picture, for all your equipment, in real-time instead of periodic readings, for you to get to know how remote sites operate and help you in decision-making.

Monitoring Maintenance Better.

Proactive maintenance is another advantage of most modern IoT remote monitoring platforms. They run advanced analytics and tools that give insightful data about the remote monitoring network in real-time to discover and fix issues and detect where they come from. You’ll improve your operations and will manage better your remote sites using the IoT platform.

There are other functionalities that can help your remote monitoring software to be truly efficient giving you insights to achieve higher level of control over your remote equipment and machines.

  • Instant Alerts and Notifications is to warn and prevent issues. It is about important parameters or conditions checked and informed on time. It should be actionable enough to check upon and fix issues.
  • Graphical Presentation to interpret data and trends. Raw data from your monitoring system can be put into graphical presentation to help visualise trends, warnings, meanings, etc. Graphical reports generated by the asset monitoring software would be very helpful to managers and technicians to interpret data collected and analysed over periods.
  • Efficient Data Collection Methods. Collect your data efficiently from remote equipment and machines via your monitoring system with the proper applications. Make sure your communication protocol supports your devices and ensure interoperability between them that give complete visibility of the network.

To Conclude

Trinetra tSense foresees more demand for IoT related applications and deployment across a large spectrum of businesses and industries. There’s also potential for backward compatibility and integration, such as opportunities for IoT retrofitting. As IoT tech is enhance with more application and innovations, we are surely moving towards Industry 4.0. Obviously IIoT technology will benefit all stakeholders getting involved, by offering opportunities of new revenue streams and faster growth. As the concept of the digital workplace is penetrating the commercial, consumer, industry and enterprise spaces, this field holds great promise for all, going into the future.

Trinetra’s has the expertise and experience to be able to provide tailored IoT solutions. Please visit the Trinetra tSense website ( for more details on our technology driven solutions. Submit the enquiry form available online or email a request to us and we’ll contact you to discuss about your requirements.