How IoT Platform Improves the Efficiency of Electric Vehicle Remote Monitoring

Nov 23 2021

How IoT Platform Improves the Efficiency of Electric Vehicle Remote Monitoring

The adoption of electric vehicles has increased globally considering betterment for the environment and reduction in cost. It is stated that most fleet managers are planning to electrify their vehicles within the next five years.

As the usage of electric vehicles increases the technological improvement on these vehicles is evolving.  Since Internet of things(IoT) and AI is the current enhanced technology fleet managers prefer to use IoT based EV remote monitoring systems to manage their complete performance of Electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles performance can be monitored with a simple combination of GPS tracker and data analytical reports that enables you to track vehicles, access, store data, and make predictions. Whereas the telematics based Electric vehicle remote monitoring system is considered to be more mobile-friendly and simple to use.


Telematics is a part of the internet of things (IoT) which covers the area related to sensors and GPS trackers for any kind of vehicle. In addition to GPS location tracking it can provide a complete 360° view of the vehicles, assets and also transmit data from vehicle sensors. With telematics tech, data is collected when connected to vehicle sensors and it can be rapidly displayed through widgets, send instant notifications, and generate automatic reports. It makes the fleet managers check the real-time performance of the vehicle in the web version or through the mobile app.

Here are the beneficial factors of using telematics for remote monitoring electric vehicles.

Battery Usage Data:

Electric vehicles empowered with telematics allows user to monitor real-time data of battery usage. The collection of this analytic data insights helps to improve battery life. It allows monitoring vital parameters like voltage, current, and temperature to avoid battery breakdowns. Using this IoT device battery usage of EV can be recorded and transferred to a remote server that can allow you to personalize the battery configuration and improve your best charging practices.

Charging report:

Implementing telematics in electric vehicles helps to generate reports on complete charging sessions of the vehicles that it might have gone through its lifetime.  The charging report includes the time duration, location of charger station, and percentage of charge received by the vehicles.

Nearby Charging Stations Alert:

Electric vehicle users face challenges like knowing their state-of-charge(SOC) to plan when and where to charge. Electric vehicle monitoring solutions with telematics notifies the user regarding the low battery level of the vehicles along with the location of nearby charging stations which prevents bricked vehicles.

Driver Behavior Data:

Electric vehicle remote monitoring system with telematics not only monitor and analyze the data of electric vehicle performance it also concentrates on behavioral data of EV drivers. Telematics offers instant feedback to fleet managers through smartphone apps on driver’s behavior changes to improve vehicle safety.

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