Smart asset monitoring & management system that delivers major savings

Sep 17 2020

Smart asset monitoring & management system that delivers major savings

Industrial machinery manufacturers are intent on improving operating efficiencies. Latest technology is giving them a helping hand in many ways across various sectors. Technical managers are turning to remote sensing devices and the IoT for a supportive solution that will help save time and costs in monitoring and managing remote assets and related operations.

The technical managers of OEMs also want to be prepared for and prevent the future issues and their occurrences through trend analysis. They wish to improve by acting upon the instant updates and reports got from connected devices and sensors linked over a platform.

Trinetra tSense offers Support & Integration

TSense’s proven device management and ERP integration understanding will support the other resident systems currently installed. IoT project implementation offered by TSense surely helps to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and increase ROI in the long term. How precisely and instantly data can be viewed via the updates (dashboard), for immediate decision making, is quickly realized by users. They know that IIoT can help them to act fast by appraising instant updates obtained on various critical parameters from their remote machines or assets.

Significant Benefits that clients / OEMs get

  • Unified Platform for all your Sensors and Devices. Managers are enabled to monitor all important parameters including location, fuel levels, running hours, temperature levels and others from specific remote assets connected over IoT platform.
  • Modular UI and Dashboards for instant view, supports quick action to prevent any asset loss during business hours to evaluate asset performance and how it is being utilized at the site.
  • The system can trigger alerts and notifications based on real-time data gathered. It improves the lifespan, reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Quick adaptability & Implementation of decisions to save time and costs.
  • Proven device management / IoT track record and implementation methods
  • Updates for preventive faults, maximized productivity & reduced operation cost
  • Trinetra tSense supports on providing a unified solution for monitoring multiple devices and numerous parameters in real time
  • Reduce service time and service costs spent on your machines or assets
  • Be ready and well ahead – knowing your machines’ updates instantly and asses your machine’s life cycle in advance

Technical managers taking care of service and maintenance or serving the AMC have been greatly benefited by this IoT empowered asset management system for managing their high-value remote assets located at various places or worksites and environment.

  • Get 70% increase in visibility of your devices and sensors across the platform for major savings.
  • Quick and preventive alerts to know about machine’s faults and simultaneously improve the preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Improves productivity by 60%, by avoiding machine breakdown/downtime during your working hours on site.

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