IoT Industrialization – True ROI is gained by connecting the data from devices

Oct 22 2020

IoT Industrialization – True ROI is gained by connecting the data from devices

Modern manufacturing plants are moving towards the ‘smart factory’ concept which touches the core of Industrial Internet of Things. Therefore, IIoT as a system aims to grab all the data available from the devices and store them in the cloud and then run analytics on it to provide a better insight of the ecosystem. Such insights in turn provide them the means to improve ROI.

Original Equipment Manufacturers realize the digitized system provides the needed visibility of data through Analytical trends. Digitization via IIoT aims to know and prevent the issue occurrence through trend analysis. Obviously the digitalization program helps to deploy the IIoT solution for the company and to gain benefits out of it.

OEM Companies quickly realize how IIoT can help them to know from the instant updates of their machines or OEM assets being constantly monitored, the performance achievable and potential scalability of operations. The data analytics done using the IIoT platform can help them to keep pace with current trends in digital transformation in the industry and world.

Digitization offers Advantages.

Why is there a focus on solving a problem using digitization in tandem with the IIoT system? The answers here are the advantages that users gain.

  • Analytical data insights provide quick decision making for management
  • Helps to improve the product quality.
  • Get to know the current trend using ROI
  • Helps to improve end client satisfaction with quick support

Trinetra TSense IoT platform offers Support & Integration.

  • Trinetra TSense supports Industrial manufacturers by providing unified solution for monitoring multiple devices and parameters.
  • Successfully reduce your service time and cost considerably by using data analytics.
  • The platform provides enriched data oriented analytical information for supporting quick decision making by stakeholders involved.
  • To plan effectively be well ahead and know your machines updates instantly.

Significant benefits derived from the IIoT implemented by OEMs.

  • A Unified Platform for all your Sensors and Devices with interconnectivity.
  • User-friendly Trends and analytical inputs offered on a business based interface.
  • Quick adaptability & Implementation on the platform supports managers.
  • Proven IoT Device management and preventive fault updates provided by the system
  • Achieve Maximized Productivity & Reduced Operation cost.
  • Proven Device Management / IoT track record offers you a sustainable solution.

Contact our Trinetra t-Sense team to know more and for clarity on the robust and scalable IoT solutions offered over the pre-built IoT platform.