Bring down your service TAT with genset monitoring system.

Aug 17 2020

Bring down your service TAT with genset monitoring system.

Any OEM company that provides onsite service needs to find ways and means to cut costs and time to improve TAT of the service cycle. Therefore, the Technical Engineer or Manager need a solution to remotely monitor such equipment or machine at the location. Hence, a client who needs to monitor their diesel generator will find Trinetra T Sense’s Diesel Genset Monitoring System the right fit for this task. Our Smart Diesel Genset Monitoring Solution will improve service TAT besides increase end-user customer satisfaction.

Apt solution to the problem

Trinetra tSense’s smart Diesel Generator Monitoring and management solution will help the client improve their service quality and thereby improve customer satisfaction with reduced service cycles. The entire solution has quick adaptability to OEM equipment and quick implementation for the life cycle management for OEMs.

Support & Integration

Trinetra tSense’s proven device management and ERP integration knowledge will be a great support given the proven track record in other solutions and IoT project implementations. The IoT diesel genset monitoring solution offered to a major client is surely help to maximize productivity and reduce operation costs to improve ROI in the long run.


Technical & service tams are enable to monitor all important events like location, fuel levels, running hours, temperature levels and more parameters from individual remote assets using the IoT platform.

The software provides a dashboard to evaluate asset performance gain better visibility into how the equipment is being utilized on site. This system can trigger alerts and notifications based on the data collected in real-time. This improves the lifespan of assets and reduce downtime and maintenance or service costs.


  • A 70% increase in visibility of the Ground Power Unit, as in the Airport.
  • Close to accurate data help in considerable time & cost reduction, owing to the timely maintenance and service of the assets
  • 50% decrease in service cycle and sure increase client satisfaction

Technical managers into after-sales service and maintenance or AMC business have already stepped into digitalization and have been greatly benefited by managing their high-value remote assets located at various sites, with this IoT empowered management technology.

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