Reduce your equipment downtime through Data Analytics run on its IoT platform

Mar 21 2020

Reduce your equipment downtime through Data Analytics run on its IoT platform

Trinetra T-Sense’s solutions in industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers a universal platform hosted on the internet to facilitate optimal functioning of IoT devices. It enables greater visibility into the different operations of an industrial asset, service or product over a 2-way communication channel to receive and transmit relevant data for analysis in real-time.

Manufacturers of High Value Assets know the panic that comes from an asset failure at an inconvenient time. When there is a breakdown, the costs of repairs and disruption to overall productivity can significantly harm the bottom line of the business. It also affects the reputation and customer satisfaction earned.

The data from assets and other internal systems or sensors must be combined with relevant predictive metrics to reduce machine failure, unplanned downtime and promote preventive maintenance. We require real-time data information, not just on the status of equipment, but also on external factors that affect it. Analyzing these data will help in scheduling proper maintenance and servicing, for longer life span and efficiency of the industrial machines and assets.

Trinetra T-Sense will be glad to partner with you to derive an optimal solution for your business operations or company’s commercial objectives. Using IoT technologies we will help overcome business challenges or unique requirements that occur. The data generated and analyzed will put predictability into operations of equipment and help better sustain them for better ROI. Trinetra T-Sense provides a powerful and flexible software platform accessed via the web to implement the right conditions that promote the solution mapping.