Think beyond the Enterprise IoT platform to focus on business opportunities

May 21 2020

Think beyond the Enterprise IoT platform to focus on business opportunities

Trinetra T-Sense provides solutions in industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to clients from various sectors and industries. T-Sense’s enterprise solution, is a universal platform hosted on the internet which supports functioning of all your IoT devices, with quick fault diagnostics which enables you to focus on your core business area of marketing and customer engagement activities, which is more relevant in the present situation forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. No business opportunity should be left unexplored in these difficult times

Instant notifications on critical parameters enables greater visibility into the different operations of an industrial asset, service or product and helps you to check up the diagnostic data or info obtained, to take immediate remedial action that will save you a lot of time and costs. In fact, you will be able to rectify upcoming faults even before it occurs. This predictive analysis and metrics will improve your customer satisfaction level and also help in customer retention.

OEMs with high value assets or products know the cost and loss involved in asset failure at an inconvenient time, or place where a breakdown happens. It can also affect customer relations and company reputation. An IIoT solution can facilitate preventive maintenance to reduce possibilities of unplanned Downtime or even machine failure. The real-time monitoring via communication channels, helps in analyzing data to evaluate status of equipment and performance, automatically scheduling service and maintenance to enhance the life span and productivity of the equipment. This system will help your management to concentrate on the core business, objectives and planning, in this rapidly changing business environment.

So, consider an IoT platform to offer practical solutions that will empower your business and asset across geographies. T-Sense’s IoT platform is web-based with mobile integration and can be your answer to plan future strategies or to overcome crisis situations.