Adopt IoT for Real Time Insights in Informed Decision Making

Jan 21 2020

Adopt IoT for Real Time Insights in Informed Decision Making

The platform hosted by T-Sense facilitates IoT devices and solutions enables improved visibility into the different operations of a business, service or product. Trinetra’s solutions in industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers visibility over a 2-way communication channel to receive and transmit relevant data. It is enhanced by:

  • Continuous monitoring of asset health to detect faults, discrepancies and usage.
  • The monitoring can be in real-time and Predict Asset Failure based on built-in asset reliability algorithms.
  • Managing the timely resolution of issues, via effective incident management.
  • Gaining contextualized visibility and notifications via integrated mobile apps.
  • Gaining real-time visibility into asset health and utilization, analyzed to predict future events.

Trinetra also endeavours to improve profitability through the automated monitoring of assets and alerting or notifying via a digital network. As more companies are taking to IoT and edge computing, this is helping to gain more real-time analysis to aid fast decision-making by managers.

Cloud computing in the IoT architecture plays a significant role in organizing, storing, retrieving and analyzing a variety of data obtained via the platform and edge computing. As IoT gains acceptance and more application, entering into even mission critical roles, the need for real-time analytics is important for faster decision-making. Edge computing helps decision making to happen, may be even autonomously, as closer to the sensor or device as possible.

Trinetra is happy to partner with you to select or derive an optimal solution for your business or company with the help of IoT, that will help meet your unique business challenges or requirements. Trinetra provides a powerful and flexible software platform on the web and offers various right conditions to assist solution mapping.