OEMs are Investing in IIOT technology solutions and obtaining substantial returns

Apr 13 2022

OEMs are Investing in IIOT technology solutions and obtaining substantial returns

Adoption rates of IIOT technology by OEMs companies continues to rise as the value proposition is recognized. By implementing sensing technologies and remote monitoring, interaction of people with machine got increased and thereby industries have reduced equipment failure and unexpected downtime. Actually this paradigm shift to digital technology allows companies to act with foresight, preventing significant losses and started creating value.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) today are having an opportunity to dive in and save the day with the customers who buy their machines. IIoT solution Implementation enables OEM’s to remotely connect with highly distributed fleet of equipment across disparate networks and security schemes. PaaS solution support which we offered has armed OEMs with the ability to gather performance data for troubleshooting and continuous improvement.

In this dynamic environment as complexity grows, to meet the business needs technologically advanced assets came into the picture and managing these mapped assets creates new business opportunities, better ROI. We being subject matter experts have proven domain expertise gained by providing 15,000 plus IIOT solution implementation to improve operational efficiencies, customer experience and reduce costs.

As the world connects via smartphones and matured cloud technologies, OEM manufacturers are replacing traditional forms of controlling and monitoring systems with end-to-end wireless automated systems. Due to this advancement OEMs can monitor their devices, identify the real utilization of their devices and provide enhanced customer service experience. With our IIOT solution, OEMs can build trust and deeper relationships with end users, by including subscription plans for predictive maintenance schedules for multiple machines or benchmark data which supports data-driven production optimization strategies.

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