IOT solutions from Trinetra T-sense increased Manufacturing Company’s Productivity and Operational Efficiency

May 18 2022

IOT solutions from Trinetra T-sense increased Manufacturing Company’s Productivity and Operational Efficiency

In today’s tech-centric landscape, initiatives utilizing IoT in the automobile manufacturing industry are on the rise. This automotive industry client approached us to get IoT platform solutions that will ultimately provide advanced analytics capabilities that adds an invaluable degree of operational flexibility. Our solution has transformed the many challenges they had to overcome. By harnessing this IOT in their manufacturing journey they have secured endless potential with respect to operational efficiency and production quality. In general, it helped them to become customer-centric.

The reality here is that adoption of digital technologies lead to increased automation, predictive maintenance, self-optimization of process improvements and, above. Utilization of Mobile enabled IOT in manufacturing lowered the total cost of ownership and helped client to connect more assets which in turn facilitated them to collect more data that improved efficiency of the production environment than previous mobile generations.

Machine Monitoring Reduced Machine Downtime

We provided them with Wireless coverage from mobile networks and this allowed the manufacturer to monitor, collect real time data / analyze with historic data, even track macro factors and predict issues into the production line. The other key thing we supported them is for machine maintenance, connected system & sensors which helped them predict, prevent and mitigate potential maintenance issues, downtime in production that is vital for protecting asset lifetime and continuous production.

Inline quality assurance for operation efficiencies

Quality can mean many things for manufacturers, in response to changing customer priorities, we facilitated them with factory floor operations visibility to reduce the biggest risk associated with manual labor–human error. IoT connected devices allow manufacturing operations and executives to utilize data flowing through their facilities to make smarter, more informed decisions.  Increased over all collaboration among various plant locations and other departments within the factory floor for efficient operations management.

We installed thermal and video sensors for collecting complete product data through different stages of a product cycle to catch defects early. This contributes to detecting quality problems at the source, besides contributes to quality assurance, cost-saving, and enhanced scalability.

Implementation of IOT into their manufacturing enabled them do remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, this investment shifted their focus on clients and profits rather than worrying about tedious and time consuming tasks. Contact us for a holistic approach to digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. Let’s see what we can do for you.