How to Achieve Digital Transformation in Manufacturing for the Next Level.

Nov 24 2020

How to Achieve Digital Transformation in Manufacturing for the Next Level.

To achieve the next level of efficiency, manufacturing plants must embrace smart manufacturing IoT Solutions that improves efficiency and awareness on the performance of their machines.

 The digital transformation of industry, infrastructure and cities are gaining pace despite some setbacks. The manufacturing industry and OEMs the indusial Internet of /things (or Industries 4.0) is a critical part of their digital transformation process or plan. Discrete and process manufacturing firms have started sing the available technologies to rethink their business models competitive strategy and positioning. To know how an IIoT system can help them to know instant updates of their machines they should see how data analytics can help them to keep pace with the current trends in digitalization they should utilize the IoT platform.

Trinetra can help with IoT technology on a pre-built platform and the users of the platform may be able to effectively improve both asset performance and operating performance after customisation.

The benefits are –

  • Improved asset health & uptime
  • Improve the Operating Performance of Assets
  • Enables Safety and Risk Management
  • Increases Worker Experience
  • Streamlines the Business Processes

The tech provides capabilities to simplify tracking, monitoring, and analyzing overall manufacturing performance across the organization. It can integrate machine learning and historical data to provide accurate real-time visibility into capacity, quality, and cycle time. Many Industrial Machine manufacturers realize the potential to grow their business by introducing digitized products and better after-sales services.

Advantages of the IoT platform:

  • Provides needed visibility of data through data analytics & trends
  • To know and prevent the occurrence of issues through trend analysis
  • Helps to deploy comprehensive IIoT solution for overall benefit of organisation
  • Performance improvement provides the potential to increase ROI
  • Analytical data insights provide quick decision-making &strategy
  • Powerful solutions for monitoring multiple devices and parameters connected to machines/equipment
  • Reduces your service time and costs involved
  • Improves end client satisfaction with quick support
  • Unified Platform for all Sensors and Devices

Modern manufacturing industries are favoring the ‘smart factory’ concept which is enabled by Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT. Therefore, the IIoT platform aims to capture all data generated or available from the devices and store them in a cloud cache from where it is run on data analytics, to provide better insight of the industrial ecosystem.


  • 70% increase in visibility via device and sensors
  • 30% of enterprises use IoT products
  • 30% improvement in Sales due to IIoT Uniqueness
  • Proven Device Management / IoT track record of TRINETRA

OEM companies realize how IIoT can help them with instant updates of the health of their OEM assets constantly monitored. The data analytics done using the IIoT platform can help them to keep pace with current trends, the performance achievable and potential scalability of operations possible in digital transformation.

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