Take advantage of IoT based Industrial Environment Monitoring Soluiton

Sep 27 2022

Take advantage of IoT based Industrial Environment Monitoring Soluiton

More industries and businesses are realising the benefits of IoT based technologies and solutions, thus leading to increasing adoption, helping them to improve efficiencies and opening up new revenue streams.

Currently IoT-based environmental monitoring too is gaining favour. As urbanisation continues rapidly across the globe, the quality of life too gets affected. As a result, with pollution and wastage affecting our lives, there is increase awareness to curtail and manage this challenge. IoT based environmental monitoring system administers data generated and captured in rea-time and monitors processes to gain critical insights and support decision-making. As underlying technologies that make IoT are maturing it is getting easier to implement such systems, thus helping companies and organisations to gain new opportunities and improve operations for a sustainable future.

There are different types of environmental pollution happening, one is internal and the other external. IoT-based technology solutions have an answer to address both of them. A combination of advanced strategies, software applications, sensors and devices with connectivity and networking has been able to create the right IoT system for monitoring and managing, which is also evolving with time.

IoT based Industrial Environmental Monitoring systems make a difference.

Air Quality Monitoring

There is increasing pollution of air in both internal and external environments. In a closed office space or underground premises, the quality of air affects the health of the human occupants. Industrial units emit gases that are toxic at varying degrees, impacting the air quality of our environment. IoT provides sensors and devices to monitor and measure air quality, and the metrics got through the system can create change and influence decision-making for businesses, industries and organisations involved. Some of the present real-world monitoring includes carbon monoxide in buildings and homes and Methane monitoring in waste management and in agro sector. IoT has the most use cases in toxic gas detection and the data collection is used for predictive analysis.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water pollution is a challenge and it affects the health people in many ways. IoT based monitoring systems help to detect contaminants, pH levels, oxygen levels and other factors that matter here for a safe environment. Some of the use cases include – public water treatment monitoring, irrigation water monitoring and control, waste water and storm water monitoring, and others.

Energy Monitoring

Owing to the great demand for energy, energy monitoring is essential for conservation, which is a criterion for leading energy companies and providers. Clean energy solutions for sustainability are also related to this monitoring system. Businesses and industries use the IOT sensors and remote monitoring applications of the system for measuring efficiency and cost management.

IoT based solutions

IoT based solutions help drive growth while reducing harmful environmental impact. The combination of IoT sensors, edge computing, networking and wireless connectivity supports quick detection, critical data insights and remedial action. IoT based environment monitoring offers an innovative way to track, prevent and mitigate environmental challenges. It supports end-to-end project planning – from designing to prototyping, from procurement to system integration and deployment.

Trinetra T-sense foresees the demand for IoT related applications in many sectors. IoT based projects has great potential as it supports backward compatibility and integration, an opportunity known as IoT retrofitting. As IoT tech is getting increasingly empowered with smarter applications and innovations, we are surely moving towards Industry 4.0. Perceptibly, IIoT technology will benefit all who adopt it in the future, opening up new opportunities and novel revenue streams..

The team at Trinetra tSense have the expertise and experience in IIoT projects to offer you customised solutions. You can also submit the enquiry form available online, or just email a request to us and our executive will contact you to discuss the details of your requirement.