Trinetra T-Sense operates with future IoT technology upfront

Jul 21 2020

Trinetra T-Sense operates with future IoT technology upfront

The digital world is highly connected place thanks to emerging technologies and the pace of growth of telecommunication technologies. The evolution in the telecom tech has now reached the 5G stage and it will soon be here and the network edge will connect and enable innumerable devices and components. To successfully run and secure services of the future stakeholders require a robust but scalable infrastructure with high performing, reliable platform architectures.

Apparently mobile phones will naturally transition to the 5G platforms but what the future of cellular IoT will actually be is potentially promising, considering the pace of expansion and adoption of smart devices and AI. The strategy is to keep update with the technological development that impact on IoT and its ecosystem.

As IoT devices are gaining ground in solutions the need for the low-power wide-area networks (LP-WAN) is critical. Over time, options like SigFox, LoRa and Weightless have appeared to cater to the Internet of Things. The current cellular networks like 4G and LTE actually use too much power to support an IoT platform. Besides only a small bit of data is transmitted but intermittently. An example are meters installed to read gas or electricity consumption, or water volumes. New cellular tech is responding to the need for better low power long range applications.

Undoubtedly 5G tech will play a big role in the near future as it is significant advancement over 4G tech, right from the transmission to the core network. However, there will always be a role to play for LoRa WAN as a highly specialized networking platform. NB-IoT is also a widely accepted tech as it is potentially less expensive, because it eliminates the need for a gateway to aggregate sensor device data on the primary server. With NB-IoT the data is sent directly to the server.

Trinetra has always endeavored to put the latest IoT technology upfront in providing solutions and services to its clientele and for proposals.  Therefore, contemplate on the IoT platform accessible to you developed by Trinetra t-Sense. It is a practical solution, or model, that will empower your business without geographical boundaries. We offer an IoT platform that is web-based with mobile integration, with high customization for the transformation of your business or service in a connected world.