Revolutionizing Urban Living with IoT: Smart City & Intelligent Waste Collection Solutions

Revolutionizing Urban Living with IoT: Smart City & Intelligent Waste Collection Solutions

A study has found that by the year 2050 approximately 20% of the world’s population would be living in cities. However, this rapid growth will cause strain on the existing infrastructure. To solve problems of increased demand from new cities, city authorities around the globe are looking at the Internet of Things (IoT) for innovative ways to enhance services, communication, interaction and reduce costs. IoT has the potential to improve urban living by providing the top three IOT applications for making a smart city.

Smart Parking

Smart parking solution uses the help of GPS-enabled data sourced via smartphones of vehicle drivers to determine available or occupied parking spaces and to create a real-time parking map. Drivers get notified of the nearest parking slot available, through their smartphones and use the map on it to find the spot easily, quickly in real-time.

Intelligent Waste Management

To optimise on garbage/waste collection, smart city solutions use IoT tech to track waste levels as well as use operational and optimisation analytics. Sensors fixed on waste bins or containers sense the level of waste inside and once it reaches close to a threshold, the sensor of the waste management solution records data, processes it and sends a notification to a mobile app on the truck driver’s phone. The driver gets to empty only full containers on a collection run, instead of semi-filled ones.

Intelligent Street Lighting

Modern cities make use of IoT-tech to maintain and control street lighting or lamps straightforward and cost-effectively. A cloud management solution helps to adapt light scheduling of lighting zones, using sensors fitted on streetlights.

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