Track & Monitor Your Aircraft Support Equipment with GSE Fleet Tracking System

Track & Monitor Your Aircraft Support Equipment with GSE Fleet Tracking System

The Client

The client, a manufacturing Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in a competitive international market, manufactures ground support equipment and supplies it to customers who are located across the world.

The Business Requirement

The client involved in the sales and service of ground service equipment around the globe, their products include Ground Power unit, Air Start unit, Air Conditioning Unit for Aircraft, Static Frequency Converter, Auxiliary power unit, Electric tow/tug tractor and custom built GSE for aviation & specific requirement. Their main pain point is that some of their customers face ad-hoc repairs and faults. The client however faces difficulty in fixing or rectifying such discrepancies with quick TAT. The customers essentially need a solution that can be done by a GPS enabled device, to monitor the discrepancies and trigger alerts, to fix the problem immediately through remote diagnostics.

The Solution Implementation

The Trinetra Wireless team understood that the client needed to monitor in real-time their various ground support equipment (GSE) with location information and on key parameters for identifying faults. They were handicapped by their inability to view such information in real time. They needed immediate intelligent data analysis for quick data based decision-making.

With the solution provided by Trinetra the client now was able to monitor GSE with location and in real-time, to make immediate intelligent data analysis & reporting, for quick decision-making. This in turn helped them to deploy their service maintenance team in time to reduce downtime of the equipment.

Productivity is found to increase by 40 per cent by constantly monitoring the 90+ critical parameters and instant alarm system along with real-time diagnosis of information on fault occurrence. Being the OEM of the GSE, the client provides this solution as a Value Addition for their customers.

Trinetra tSense provided the solution by integrating the monitoring device with the software application. Thus the software provides an efficient solution by remote diagnostics and by sending a command from the application, by monitoring prime paramours of the GSE under any critical situation.

Benefits of the solution

  • Instant alerts on deviations from business safety rules
  • Alerts when levels monitored exceeds the limit
  • Increased visibility between the various stakeholders
  • Comprehensive asset monitoring in real-time
  • Increased employee/customer satisfaction
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime