Predictive Analysis in Industrial IoT

May 27 2020

Predictive Analysis in Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things is having a profound effect on the manufacturing sector, leading to increased automation, more efficient operations, and the creation of valuable new business models. While the application of digital technologies can bring benefits across the value-chain, it is arguably in the area of predictive maintenance that the most significant impact can be derived.

With the use of sensors and data analysis companies can spot patterns in equipment condition, their performance and could accurately predict when a failure might occur. Such foresight eliminates unplanned downtime and helps to deliver substantial productivity benefits.

How and Why IoT is used in Predictive Analytics:

There are a sectors that especially benefit from the data that IoT sensors provide, and few have already integrated these sensors heavily into existing workflows.

  • IoT sensors attached to factory robots can track variables like vibration, temperature, and machine timing — then feed that information into an analytics platform. The data can then be analyzed to predict when a particular machine will need maintenance next.
  • IoT sensors are also used in the predictive analytics of smart cities. With sensors, these cities can measure everything from traffic flow to the use of parking spaces, unleash vast new data streams and provide a better life quality to its inhabitants.

Improving Predictive Analytics with IoT Data:

When a business has access to large amounts of accurate data, it can use predictive analytics to make better decisions. IoT sensors can provide quality information at volumes that have never been possible before,  with this info at hand businesses can improve their ability to forecast the future significantly.

These sensors are already used in a few different capacities — like manufacturing and smart cities. It’s likely that, data becomes more valuable and organizations look for ways to implement IOT to improve their ability to predict future events. Ultimately, IIoT-enabled predictive maintenance provides a brave new world for manufacturers looking to improve productivity, underpin safety and deliver lower costs.

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