Useful points you should consider when developing your custom IoT solution.

June 01 2020

Useful points you should consider when developing your custom IoT solution.

The IoT is a move to make everything as connected as possible digitally. The necessary infrastructure is getting built and reorganised to get IoT working everywhere. Data generated on this digital platform is used in real-time by concerned stakeholders, using the right software applications, to get insights or desirable outcomes or results.

Depending on the IoT use case, the right kind of software should be developed to work over the platform. The right sensor data at the edge is important for crafting the desired type of IoT application. So, here are some useful tips for you to consider, when building your IoT application on a platform.

  • IoT systems must be able to collect and process data to drive real-time business processes.
  • The system should simplify the deployment and maintenance of the IoT devices for scaling up operations without latency.
  • There are limits on number or type of API calls to the data cache, so it must be efficiently cached where it can be processed without delay, at terabyte speeds.
  • Applications should be built with massive scalability, for high performance in real-time.
  • A Digital Integration Hub (DIH) architecture enables multiple applications to access huge aggregated cache, at in-memory speeds, in a computing platform.
  • Organisations prefer to implement hybrid transactional / analytical processing (HTAP), which has ability to directly run on the operational data and pre-defined analytics, without impacting the system performance.

IoT has the potential to empower any industry (IIoT) or organisation, business or service, by strategically exploiting hi-tech systems and connected devices or machines, against an objective. Basically the Internet of Things is a complex framework with layers of interconnected devices and sensors, involving machines, various gadgets, apps, software, etc. collaborating with each other for a common purpose on a plan.

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