The COVID-19 caused Lockdown and outlook for IoT.

Apr 28 2020

The COVID-19 caused Lockdown and outlook for IoT.

The massive lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has an unprecedented impact on our lives. The repercussions of the lockdown will be long lasting in our lives and the economy. The crisis has its impact on the Internet of Things too, particularly on the technologies and applications involved in it. In the past few weeks we have witnessed the effect of COVID-19 Lockdown on all types of businesses and organisations and their functioning.

The ‘work from home’ method has been adopted widely by most sectors, because of the lockdown, to maintain social-distance and avoid or restrict our movement, Let us see how it has impacted on IoT in this scenario,

The disease has brought business in produces and services to a standstill. Logistics and transportation are affected badly as demand and supply is paralysed. Whatever processes can be automated will be done so. Many new entrants will have to try a similar methodology to keep things going. However, personal IoT device has dropped in demand, despite consumers being indoor,s in the great lockdown.

Remote access is important. So, telecommunications is now crucial for tools and applications that work online. Desktop and mobile apps, video calling apps, are now at the forefront for communicating. Organisations having remote access platforms or IoT implementation are now greatly benefited. People can run offices, businesses and transactions (financial too) virtually in real-time. In the near future automation and IoT applications are sure to gain preference in all sectors, as it doesn’t risk human exposure.

The Digital Twins technology is useful. Developed as part of digitisation and IoT platforms, Digital Twins tech will be very helpful in this crisis period. Digital Twins can create a digital representation of a process, machinery or supply chain, to enable control to both providers and customers. It enables in planning further to overcome the predictable challenges ahead.

Drones are being deployed. Drones have been deployed in new roles. A concept akin to IoT, they are remote controlled mini quadcopters that are being deployed in this scenario for police surveillance, aerial monitoring of spaces and assets, for delivery of medical supplies, for broadcast media, for agriculture and others.

Installing of retrofit IOT solutions is gaining popularity. Those not digitally connected or enabled, will find a retrofit solution beneficial although not a customised solution. It can be a quick fix in the need of the hour,

 Smart city platform gains importance. During this period of crisis an overlaying data platform of a smart city initiative can be a most important tool that can leveraged various functions.

Tracking & monitoring solutions get extensive uses. Supply chains disruption and demand changes can be easily adopted by a tracking and monitoring solution. It also helps to cut costs and to plan ahead.

Specific health applications using IoT. Telephonic or video conferencing methods are being used by doctors for consultation and more so during Lockdown. Specific IoT devises can perform digital diagnostics. Remote IOT monitoring solution for elderly and chronic patients is a boon. Robots too have found use in hospital tasks.

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