How IoT Remote Monitoring System Benefits Transportation of Perishable Foods

Dec 11 2021

How IoT Remote Monitoring System Benefits Transportation of Perishable Foods

Evolving Technology IoT (Internet of Things), has reached across many different industries and consider to be an ideal solution that can benefit various businesses and consumers completely. At present IoT plays an important role in cold chain logistics management. Maintaining TCS foods from perishing is a significant task for all food-related organizations, including productions plants to restaurants. It can be managed by implementing IoT solutions in their supply chain management system.

IoT for TCS:

TCS (Time/Temperature control for safety) foods are given special care to reach the destination without spoiling. Whatever may be the arrival or destination spot of perishables foods, the supply chain management team has to monitor food to keep it fresh and avoid waste.

Traditionally supply chain management team needs manual reporting and tracking. But this method can cause loss of entire shipment if any mistakes like unnoticed temperature drop or sudden breakdown on the road. IoT solutions give better remote monitoring systems for perishable foods allowing companies to have hassle-free cold chain management.

Benefits of using IoT Remote Monitoring System for perishable foods:

There are many key benefits of using IoT solutions for TCS foods, any food-related organization can save money, stress, effort, and time.

Control of TCS:

Every food-related organization knows the importance of TCS food’s bottom line and maintains its time & temperature to avoid bacterial growth and food spoiling.

IoT remote monitoring system helps companies for better tracking and monitoring of TCS food’s temperature, humidity, and other conditions. Companies can implement IoT solutions in their fleet and storage systems to track food’s temperature to maintain its appropriate environment and make changes if needed.

Alert Notifications:

For perishable foods, if something goes wrong with its temperature maintenance immediate action is required to avoid food waste. This can be achieved by IoT solutions which give push notifications to the appropriate people instantly during any disruption in cold chain management.

Real-time notifications alert the issues of temperature down of cooling system, vehicles malfunctions, and any other problems throughout food transits. This allows the cold chain management team to diagnosis the problem immediately and rectify the issue to mitigate the loss of perishable foods.

Goods Sorting:

Early, organizations sort the perishable foods by hand based on ripen stages for sales. Now IoT automation supports effectively in sorting the TCS foods without any human error. It reduces time and saves money.

Most of the grocery stores are benefited by maintaining food quality and freshness using IoT technology which is a significant concern of consumers.

Better Business Insights:

IoT allows companies to track metric data of the complete cold chain logistics process. It gives clear analytics of individual performance, accurate track of the perishable food supply chain to identify problems and maintain business compliances.

These business insights ensure whether the organization has met the customer demands and minimized food waste. And also provides metrics to improve the business processes based on their current strategy to achieve goals.

It is clear from the above benefits, that IoT platform solutions can help food organizations to keep their perishable foods safe and fresh, track fleets during deliveries, improve TCS food’s bottom line, and completely audit the company’s performance.

Trinetra Tsense knowing the benefits and importance of IoT solutions for cold chain management has helped various food-related organizations to implant IoT technology in their business modules to improve the best TCS food deliveries. To get better IoT technology ideas for your business contact our experts through the website. Leave an enquiry message to reach us.