An IIoT Solution for your Temperature Monitoring in Transportation

Feb 15 2022

An IIoT Solution for your Temperature Monitoring in Transportation

Logistics companies and fleet operators have a challenging task in transporting FMCG and perishable goods over various geographic zones. FMCG and perishable goods must be kept in temperatures varying from 5 to 50 degrees Centigrade, over short or long distances. Monitoring the condition or freshness is a difficult task as there is lack of visibility across the supply chain. This is where Cargo Temperature Monitoring Solution creates visibility into the movement of goods and help cargo handlers to optimize their supply chain for better quality & compliance.

Monitor Critical Parameters

IoT platform for refrigeration monitoring provides real-time visibility of temperature controlled environments and assets. Temperature sensors and humidity indicators records data and keeps you aware of product safety against the set parameters 24/7 from any location.

  • A temperature monitoring system provides automatic alerts on activities like high and low temperatures
  • With temperature monitoring system generated reports empowers you to analyse trends and take new measures accordingly.

Unlike conventional systems that share an update only when the cargo reaches a specific checkpoint, this solution creates transparency in the supply chain and helps you to keep an eye on your goods at all times. makes sure that your temperature-dependent products stay safe as they are being transported.

Trinetra tSense offers a customisable, reliable Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring System solution to measure temperature and humidity across cold storage spaces and prevent loss events in the foodservice industry.  By Ensuring the safe operating temperature of the storage items in these spaces Smart transportation companies can Minimize temperature-related load rejections, reduce costly spoilage claims, cut redelivery costs.

To learn more about how Trinetra Tsense, temperature monitoring solution bring measurable costs savings in terms of operational efficiency, better material handling, routing, improved communication and superlative customer service reach out for a free demo today.