IoT Enabled Remote Machine Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance: A Game-Changer for OEMs

Jul 03 2023

IoT Enabled Remote Machine Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance: A Game-Changer for OEMs

Among industrial equipment manufacturers(OEMs), the global IIoT market exceeded $263 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach around $1.11 trillion by 2028 as per reports. Some of the common trends in the IIoT sector include adding sensors to equipment/machine for predictive maintenance, offering software solutions that give productivity and efficiency data and adding IoT remote monitoring capabilities to existing equipment. Leading industrial equipment manufacturers like have begun adding sensors that offer maintenance and performance data to users. With the data collected from these industrial IoT solutions.

Enterprise customers hope to reduce energy consumption, improve safety and manage maintenance more efficiently with remote machine health monitoring solutions. While embedding IoT into their product lines, OEMs in both consumer and enterprise segments are also bringing similar tech into their own manufacturing lines and operations. Many OEMs have invested in IoT predictive maintenance systems in their production line to improve their maintenance practices. Many original equipment manufacturers have also invested in automating their processes with IIoT solutions.

Remote Machine Monitoring is Great Value Addition

Remote machine monitoring solution is made possible by industrial IoT, and is a valuable offering from OEMs and equipment providers as part of their post-sale service package. It reduces downtime, especially unplanned downtime, which is crucial for cost control and maintaining high production levels. By collecting and transmitting operational data through the cloud, remote machine monitoring enables machine builders to provide prompt and efficient service.

Traditionally, servicing required expensive and time-consuming on-site visits, often involving investigations to detect issues. It was challenging to visually identify malfunctioning parts, necessitating a manual process of checking each component. In contrast, remote machine monitoring systems allow machine builders to visualize problems using data from anywhere, enabling quick and easy troubleshooting, even for minor deviations.

Moreover, IoT predictive maintenance leverages data analysis to predict and prevent breakdowns that can significantly disrupt a manufacturer’s production cycle. By reviewing historical patterns and exceptions in the data, equipment can be serviced proactively, minimizing the impact of potential issues. This approach also eliminates the need for manufacturers to maintain extensive inventories of replacement parts, enabling a just-in-time approach.

Opportunities for OEMs into the future

Machine health monitoring software is identifying service opportunities and measuring process improvements, which is crucial for after-sales service and drives innovation towards future design specifications. OEMs and equipment providers can leverage customer data to enhance existing designs or develop superior machines, thanks to easy access to user data. This ensures machine builders stay ahead of their competitors.

Moreover, using this data, equipment manufacturers can create and deploy optimized preventive maintenance schedules based on calendars, usage time, machine lifecycle or machine conditions. Streamlining maintenance tasks, tracking customer maintenance and planning inventory and service needs become more efficient with Industrial IoT-driven Preventative Maintenance.

IIoT offers the original equipment manufacturing industry an incredible chance to provide substantial value-additions to their service packages, and even establish their indispensability to the manufacturers or customers they serve. Comprehending market challenges IIoT solutions have helped OEMs worldwide to resolve problems, develop connected products and generate additional revenue streams.

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