How IoT Cloud Data can drive greater value for industry and services

July 8 2023

How IoT Cloud Data can drive greater value for industry and services

Businesses across industries are adopting cloud technology to modernize data foundations, recognizing data’s value in digital transformation. Gartner highlights data as a key corporate asset, driving corporate strategies.

However, data-driven companies face challenges locating, collecting, and comprehending data dispersed in complex environments. Data resides in various locations like data centers, SaaS applications and cloud data lakes. Accelerating data-driven initiatives requires addressing questions about data location, organization, and speed.

Building a solid data foundation empowers businesses to gain insights, drive innovation, and improve efficiency. This entails developing trusted data practices, gaining a comprehensive view of critical data, and leveraging advanced analytics.

Leveraging the cloud provides several benefits that enhance the value of data:

Accessibility: Cloud-based applications and data can be accessed from any internet-connected device, enabling users to access, share, and analyze data anytime and anywhere.
Speed to market: Developing in the cloud allows users to quickly bring applications to market without concerns about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance.

Data security: Networked backups in the cloud prevent data loss due to hardware failures. Cloud services also offer enhanced security features such as encryption and API keys.

Centralized management: A data cloud allows organizations to collect, process, store, and analyze data from a single unified platform, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency.

Greater mobility: With a data cloud, data sharing extends beyond physical workspaces, enabling collaboration with teams from widespread locations and accessing data from different devices.

Better performance: Cloud services utilize remote resources optimized for high performance and reliability. Users can scale their resources as needed to meet demands.

Strategic value: Cloud services provide enterprises with a competitive advantage by leveraging innovative technology. Users can also gain valuable insights from big data and make data-driven decisions.

In short, organizations must navigate the data landscape, modernize with the cloud, understand and organize data, and accelerate its value to succeed in data-driven plans. By delivering trusted data, gaining a complete view, speeding up insights with analytics and moving to the cloud, organizations improve their data foundation.

The IoT cloud platform enables industries and businesses to centralize and standardize remote configuration activities across the enterprise, encompassing various data sources. Adopting an industry-leading data collection software widely deployed in these environments is a step towards unlocking value. IIoT software offers a unified view of installations from a single interface, saving time, reducing security risks, and improving operational efficiency.

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