How Adopting SaaS Software Benefits Industrial Connectivity & OEMs

June 18 2023

How Adopting SaaS Software Benefits Industrial Connectivity & OEMs

SaaS (Software as a Service) for industrial automation and IoT projects offers a significant opportunity to efficiently manage industrial assets, resulting in time savings, cost reduction and improved productivity. With a unified interface, connected enterprises can remotely and securely manage individual devices across their industrial automation landscape. SaaS software serves as the ultimate management tool, providing a streamlined, user-friendly configuration and experience.

Configuring process control and device connectivity can be complex, but SaaS software simplifies industrial connectivity management on a large scale. Unlike other web clients and connectivity solutions, the SaaS based IIoT solution seamlessly integrates with industry-leading server providers, enabling easy remote configuration and management of connected equipment throughout the enterprise. This ensures desired quality, security and interoperability, meeting the requirements of both Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) organizations.

Advantages of SaaS IIoT Software

Configuring industrial connectivity in a SaaS environment offers numerous benefits compared to traditional architectures and deployments. The key capabilities of the IIoT software significantly increase operational efficiency, providing value across engineering domains, divisions, and production lines. By removing barriers associated with individual protocols and devices typically encountered in conventional ‘on-premises’ management activities, the IIoT software enhances operational efficiency. For the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) industry, the IIoT platform presents an incredible opportunity to offer substantial value-additions to service packages and establish indispensability to manufacturers or customers. Worldwide, IIoT solutions have helped OEMs resolve challenges, develop connected products, and generate additional revenue streams.

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for IIoT caters to connected enterprises seeking enhanced visibility in their industrial automation landscape. With a focus on simplifying configuration and management, the software facilitates access to industrial data and accelerates enterprise-level digital transformation.

Reducing Overhead Costs

Minimizing expenses associated with waiting for on-premise access or specialized expertise is crucial. Relying solely on physical presence for production and configuration calibration introduces potential points of failure. By utilizing SaaS-based capabilities, organizations can ensure round-the-clock optimization while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Incorporating Embedded Best Practices

Leveraging ready-to-use features within a modern and flexible environment, combined with pre-defined best practices and industry standards, reduces the need for extensive software validation and integration testing. This allows a greater focus on creating value and achieving business objectives.

Ensuring Secure Access Points

Addressing challenges related to remote access and potential security risks is paramount. By leveraging established infrastructure and edge agent technology, secure access can be provided from anywhere without compromising data security.

According to IoT experts, manufacturing is undergoing rapid evolution. Companies are increasingly looking to standardize their data collection while exploring efficient methods to transform their connectivity landscape. Thousands of manufacturing companies worldwide rely on IoT platforms to manage extensive networks of industrial automation machines, gathering and communicating machine status and performance. As process control becomes more critical for optimizing operational output, factory managers require secure and scalable connectivity tools for remote management.

The SaaS platform enables manufacturers to centralize and standardize remote configuration activities across the enterprise, encompassing IT/OT data. This represents a paradigm shift in how engineers control and manage industrial automation environments and interact with the SaaS platform, the industry-leading data collection software widely deployed in these environments. Instead of current manual and local configuration processes, IIoT software offers a unified view of installations from a single interface, saving time, reducing security risks and improving operational efficiency.

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