Features that make IoT-based Machine Monitoring System effectively

Jan 17 2023

Features that make IoT-based Machine Monitoring System effectively

Industries are dependent on machines for their productivity and so a monitoring solution will greatly help to improve efficiency and productivity of machines. This also is the first step towards implementing industrial IoT, which is important for the sustainability and growth of an industry or business enterprise.

IoT based machine monitoring focuses on improving maintenance and perform ace of industrial assets. It has simplified the management of various machines of different sizes, capacity and complexity at one or multiple sites. It helps managers to analyse performance with devices via critical parameters and metrics, like fuel consumption, temperature, vibrations, pressure, etc.

Interconnectivity of Machines

IIoT is empowering factories all around the world in enhancing manufacturing and services with technological innovations and digitalisation. Devices connect the machines to a network and are managed by the software on the IoT platform. Sensors and devices are installed in machines, systems and assembly lines to generate and capture data which is the source of analytical information useful for managers at all levels. The data analytics determines and predicts every type of machine’s uptime and downtime. The machine monitoring solution offers the requited automation to simplify most of the complex industrial tasks.

Monitoring Solution that Serves Multiple Industries

The machine monitoring system is the first step for an industry planning to transform into the IoT-based systems. Most large machines require condition monitoring which an IoT-based system can fulfil. Therefore, such an IoT solution on a cloud platform can serve multiple industries, such as oil & gas, power generation, transport & logistics, construction, water management, mining, etc.

Must have feature of the IoT machine monitoring system

  • Online remote monitoring and diagnosis on daily basis of assets.
  • Real-time compilation of data on a hub.
  • Instant identification of discrepancies and machine failures.
  • Storage and instant availability of data or information for analysis
  • Automated reports, alerts and notifications with customisation.

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