Advantages of Real-Time Fuel Monitoring in Asset intensive industries

Jan 08 2023

Advantages of Real-Time Fuel Monitoring in Asset intensive industries

The costliest of expenses in any asset intensive industry is fuel. On an average, anywhere between 40-85 % of operational costs are attributed to fuel, but also depending on the industry you are in or providing for. Asset owners have to go the extra mile to improve business efficiency by cutting down on fuel costs.

This is why Fuel Level sensors are increasingly being used for monitoring. These devices monitor fuel levels in fuel tanks of various assets like road vehicles, locomotives, ships, earth movers, vessels etc. They also monitor the fuel level in static heavy equipment, like generators and fixed fuel tanks.

Opting for a IoT based Fuel Monitoring Solution

Rising fuel prices now push asset managers and fleet owners to implement fuel monitoring solutions using fuel sensors to help reduce fuel costs. These sensors form the edge of the IoT platform. The system collects data which is then sent to a centralised hub for analysis and reports.

The connected fuel monitoring system extracts real-time information or data on various aspect such as:

  • Fuel level in the tank/storage
  • Identifying any fuel theft/pilferage/leakage
  • Checking on idling time of vehicles/asset
  • Fuel consumption over a period time
  • Fuel refill/drain status or levels over time

The system gets you relatively accurate insights plus generates reports on aspects like how much fuel was purchased or how much fuel is consumed. It aids in finding out any unaccounted fuel related transactions besides preventing fuel theft and pilferage. Thanks to the IoT software one can reduce costs by good management and optimal utilization of assets.

Wherever users are, once connected, they’re just a click away, to fully use the web application and an integrated mobile application to monitor and manage the assets’ fuel consumption patterns, making manual methods redundant. This IoT based system is very useful to monitor assets at unattended sites remotely using location tracing telematics, GPS and other related technologies. The IoT based fuel monitoring system comes with security, alerts & notifications features and scalability to aggregate all valuable assets into the internet based system.

Trinetra T-sense offers such secured remote monitoring system and other customised IoT solutions for clients. The team at T-sense possess the expertise and experience in IIoT projects developed and delivered to industry clients. Our site has more details regarding our tech-driven solutions. Otherwise please fill and submit the enquiry form online, or just email a request and we will get in touch with you.