How IoT enables remote monitoring of automated vertical storage system

Feb 09 2023

How IoT enables remote monitoring of automated vertical storage system

Automated vertical storage and retrieval systems have gained popularity over the years as commercial markets keep expanding. This system is an advanced automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) combining powered equipment and computer controls with the help of software and automation. The AS-RS system is part of the warehouse automation technology. It maximises inventory storage used for tooling, components, documents or raw materials. The vertical carousels stacked in a vertical enclosure offer dense storage on a small footprint and is an ergonomic, cost-effective solution.

The AS/RS system is used in many industries to support its process and production. With the advent of software application for computer controlled systems, the adoption of IoT solutions is increasing. Such software has benefited businesses and been adopted in supply chain management, by e-commerce operators besides manufacturing industries and health care industry, where warehousing, distribution and delivery are crucial for a successful business.

Benefits of the AS/RS system include –

  • Optimisation of storage space with small footprint
  • Speed in picking & transporting products/items
  • Accuracy in managing inventories and scheduling replenishment
  • Better Safety and Security

Better Monitoring and Maintenance

The IoT device is connected to the computer based controller (PLC and HMI) of the vertical storage system, to enable data transmission to the IoT platform. The data generated and processed at a central hub is critical for management, forecasting and problem-solving. Hereby the AS-RS system can work efficiently, with lesser downtime, thanks to the IoT software. It can detect the stoppages, the break times and cycle times happening in the system, to generate the data for monitoring in real-time.

Service planning for the equipment can be done effectively during warranty period, helping later in problem identification, solving and for preventive maintenance. It helps in predictive maintenance too, supporting a longer life span and productivity with maximised uptime. The data is useful for component inventory management and stocking replacement parts This software supports an environment where the management gets total monitoring and control capabilities on existing stocks or parts stored. Thus, very large warehouses can be efficiently managed with lesser manpower.

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