Increasing potential of AI and ML in IoT solutions everywhere

Mar 26 2020

Increasing potential of AI and ML in IoT solutions everywhere

With new technologies being introduced, the world and our lifestyles are also changing significantly. We see Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) getting into our daily activities and life. The result of these technologies is that we get vacuum cleaners that learn the layout of the room; we see the banking sector implementing AI and ML to protect personal finances and detect anomalies; we see retail e-stores use this tech to cleverly manage products & services with customer preferences.

Evidently the Internet of Things (IoT) is resorting to AI and ML increasingly to optimise business operations across many industrial and commercial sectors .it also indicates that an increasing number of devices and sensors are being developed and deployed across many industries and services. Thereby an unprecedented volume of data is being generated. This is nearly impossible to be utilised or assimilated without the AI and ML involvement.

AI and ML are now turning into practical necessities because of data and software proliferation, as they are designed to handle sophisticated services that are being demanded ever more in the markets.  They find use in cross-vertical areas, such as logistics, optimisation, connected vehicles and even security & vigilance. It has started working in bank ATM security monitoring, in fleet tracking, heart monitors and home entertainment.

It all boils down to the fact that AI and ML help to better customer experience, lower a lot of costs, automate and robotise, offer more effective solutions with tangible benefits to all who use the related products and services. So businesses and organisations cannot ignore AI completely hereafter. They have to understand and correctly utilise this very potential combination of AI and ML with human potential to set themselves apart from the completion in the coming days.

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