Beware of and prevent data compromise in IoT.

Apr 04 2020

Beware of and prevent data compromise in IoT.

The present generation is living and working in an increasingly digital world. Legacy systems are getting integrated with digital ones as the digital transformation expands worldwide. The current generation has the privilege of the internet which is now available all the time and practically part of their lives.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just part of smart connected devices and smartphones, but is also spreading across financial and industrial sectors. Industrial IoT (IIoT) is reshaping things in manufacturing and smart products radically.

Companies are integrating legacy systems to an IoT platform to make fully automated factories or management systems. All activities can be monitored and controlled through the digital platform. This is happening in a wider scale with the advent of smart city projects.

Protection & Safety. However, the digital environment is not immune to security threats and cyber-attacks. Thus the digital environment and IoT platforms too have to be protected and secured to ensure trust and reliability in use and function, to all stakeholders. There are some simple ways to prevent data compromise and breaches or vulnerabilities.

Better to avoid Bluetooth. Bluetooth which is a wireless technology for data sharing in physical proximity of devices does not use the internet. But it is also not perfectly safe either. Avoid it as it can be hacked.

To prevent vulnerability turn it off when not in use or, keep it in ‘non-discoverable’ mode; decline ‘pair with device’ requests if an unknown source. You can also install anti-virus and firewall in such devices.

Updates & Passwords. No system can be 100% safe, so update your devices’ software regularly to avoid any data breach. A strong password is an IoT way of protection, so follow the guidelines carefully.

Protection via VPN connection. Top Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers offer a practical and safe way as they provide encrypted data transmission, masking your IP address and offer cyber security features.

GDPR Compliant. One of the ways to ensure safety of your IoT solutions and proprietary data is to build it GDPR compliant.

Data privacy is an issue in the wake of cyber-attacks and data breaches or leaks, mainly owing to the enormous data traffic and storage on the web and connected systems. To prevent data compromise be ahead in prevention and protection. To prevent phishing and data theft avoid sharing personal information on social media or exact location. Read the fine print before sign-up or clicking ‘I Agree’.

However, new technologies and software are being developed updated and shared for better security consolidation over the internet. It is in your hands to adopt the right strategy, hardware and software to build and use the preferred IoT platform and systems.

IoT is a framework of complex layers of interconnected devices, sensors, machines, gadgets, software, etc. It empowers any industry (IIoT), business, service or organisation, to plan and fully exploit hi-tech systems and connected devices or machines.

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