How Smart Water Management System using IoT Technology Benefits Water world

Feb 18 2022

How Smart Water Management System using IoT Technology Benefits Water world

Water is considered to be the basic essential requirement for humans to survive and also the world’s most valuable commodity. Due to rapid urbanization, it is estimated that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in water-stressed areas.  To avoid water scarcity in the future implementing smart water management systems in our utilities can preserve precious water supplies.

What is Smart Water Management System Using IoT?

The Internet of Things(IoT) supports various water industries providing effective smart water management solutions to maintain the usage and preserve this precious resource. Till now most of the water-based industries are using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to monitor water distribution system which is partially installed within the limitations. But advanced IoT solutions can provide enhanced smart water management systems through the installation of IoT sensors at various locations in the IoT water system to monitor and control water usage or any leakage in real-time. Using various water sensors like a smart water meter, smart irrigation controllers, IoT water flow meters, and IoT water valves, companies can track water pressure, level, temperature, the flow of water, and other critical factors in real-time. These insights of data collected through IoT smart water management system help company to determine predictive analysis and perform real-time changes related to water resources.  The IoT smart water management techniques also reduce operational costs around construction, maintenance, and more for the company and increase better revenue.

How does IoT Smart Water Management System work?

IoT water management solution providers help the company to monitor their water supply resources by connecting smart sensors and meters. It collects water flow data and generates comprehensive analytical report of water performance. Using the dynamic web dashboards company can view the daily utilization of water remotely anytime. It also helps to react quickly, efficiently during any serious problems like leakage or blockage in the water supply system.

List of various IoT functionalities to improve water management system

Water Conservation:

Using IoT sensors it’s easy to track the water level in the reservoirs and overhead water tanks. It sends the data to a server in regular intervals to calculate the amount of water utilization on a daily basis which helps in conserving water.

Smart Water Consumption Management:

Maintaining water consumption records in urban areas is a challenging factor for any water managing authority. This process is simplified using IoT technology, it will help to keep a record of water consumption of particular city people by analyzing the data and weather conditions of that day.

Waste Water Management:

The major challenge in a water management system is monitoring water levels, leakages, water quality, and flow of water through various channels. IoT sensors installed at various places of the water systems can detect water level, temperature, water leakage, or any chemical leakage in it. It immediately alerts the respective authorities by sending the information through the main server and helps them to resolve the issue quickly. Another additional benefit of advanced IoT in water management is it can calculate the amount of chemical residue present in the water.

Water Quality Testing:

The water quality testing function in industries like manufacturing, energy, etc is made easy using IoT technology.  It takes the readings of water quality with help of water testing meters and sensor devices. All the collected information’s like Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Bacteria, Chlorine, Electrical conductivity, etc, are sent to the end-user for the analysis of water quality and rectify problem areas.

Earlier various conventional techniques were followed to conserve water but IoT technology has brought water conservation to the next level. So the demand for IoT solutions to achieve efficient utilization of water sources, improve the quality of water, and planning of water resources is increasing in industry. Trinetra Tense, the best IoT smart water management solutions provider has several years of experience in helping industries to achieve effective smart water management systems to reduce their maintenance costs, concentrate more on productivity and increase revenue generation.

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