IIoT is evolving in the Digital Workplace too

September 13 2021

IIoT is evolving in the Digital Workplace too

The role of IoT in the digital and remote workplace is growing at a faster pace and in significance. The power of IoT in edge computing is widely accepted, but it is the data that these devices are capable of analysing, aggregating, preparing for the dashboard and helping in workflow automation, which is making the impact in all spheres of business and industry.

Collaborative Digital Platform

As IoT is empowered by cloud computing and the various technologies involved, like low-power WAN, 5G, etc., the digital workplace which is also a cloud based work platform, does fit to make up a collaborative platform. IoT helps to integrate all the disjoined business applications in the company or enterprise, to become a shared digital environment used by a team of employees and for the work process. Many industries, OEMs and manufacturing companies have already adopted software to gain insight on the work and habits of their employees and to create the digital workplace most suitable for efficient functioning and collaboration.

Deploying IIoT Applications

Contemporary, proactive and forward looking OEMs and manufacturing industries are deploying predictive maintenance by using new Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies. They also use it for real-time visibility of logistics and for utilising equipment-as-a-service (EaaS). The remorte asset monitoring system is easy to be deployed by even small scale industries, in order to become competitive even with established giants around. IIoT applications allow these companies to bring about a noteworthy change in their business and operations.

The spread of the Corvid19 pandemic worldwide has forced more companies to move many operations online on to a connected digital and remote working environment. Many of these companies have been slow to adopt IIoT technologies to create smart factories, or smart buildings, or even be part of smart power grids, cities and supply chains but are joining in now..

Convergence with Tech

The convergence we are witnessing, notably of IIoT and the digital workplace, requires unique expertise like wireless connectivity, embedded software, IoT hardware and protocols, secure back-end and cybersecurity software. Although many companies are unable to acquire this expertise they need quickly, new age technologies are helping to close this gap. New tech such as IoT and cloud platforms, SaaS solutions that are API-based and edge-to-cloud IIoT solutions can help to override the complexity found in developing or deploying IIoT applications. Using such solutions, organisations can rapidly build and deploy, easily update and maintain these IoT applications. They thus focus in using data gathered from the applications to achieve objectives, targets and better business outcomes.

Although the demand for digital workplaces, remote monitoring and distance maintenance had started well before, the pandemic accelerated it all. In many companies, employees continue working from remote locations or home till date, even after the pandemic has subsided, enabled by IoT applications to perform tasks remotely without physical presence. This is happening across sectors and several industries, offering more freedom and flexibility for their employees, using automation and the digital workplace or environment with knowledge sharing and collaboration the norm.

In Conclusion

Trinetra tSense foresees greater IoT related requirements, applications and deployment across various sectors across the spectrum of businesses and industries. Similarly, there’s big potential for backward compatibility and integration, leading to opportunities for IoT retrofitting. As IoT finds more application and gets innovations, we are definitely moving towards Industry 4.0. Simply put, IIoT technology aims to benefit all stakeholders offering opportunities to secure new revenue streams and push growth. With the concept of digital workplace penetrating at commercial, consumer, industry and enterprise levels, there’s great promise for all involved in this digital ecosystem.

With Trinetra’s expertise and experience, we’ll be able to provide tailored IoT solutions for clients in this digital transformation era, as per their needs. Please visit the Trinetra tSense website (https://www.trinetratsense.com/) for more information. Find more about our technology driven solutions here. Contact us by submitting the enquiry form available online. You can also email a request to us otherwise and we’ll call to discuss your project or requirements.