Trinetra Wireless recently signed up an IoT Opportunity with a reputed Transformer distributor in Dubai

Dec 27 2020

Trinetra Wireless recently signed up an IoT Opportunity with a reputed Transformer distributor in Dubai

Adopt an advanced solution to automate the usage of Transformers and improve performance with reduced cost

Despite the economic slowdown the digital transformation continues its wave to influence industries, cities and even infrastructure. This has resulted in a lot of automation being introduced in various spheres. Manufacturing companies and OEMs have already adopted IoT in their work and products.

Trinetra Wireless has been executing IoT projects for various clients and recently a Transformer distributor in Dubai approached us for an Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution. Our Trinetra tSense division was able to provide the solution to automate the usage and monitor the Transformers to improve performance and reduce costs for the distributor. The IoT platform offered had capabilities of monitoring various transformer parameters and also planning downtime for maintenance by OEMs.

Analytical Trends

The visibility of data and real-time information on Advanced Parameters also helped in analyzing trends. This helps the company to know and prevent any issue occurrence through trend analytics. The deployment of the IIoT solution has improved machine performance and offered many other benefits.

The analytical data insights provide quick decision-making that improves the machine quality and helps to know the current trend using ROI. The solution helps to improve end-client satisfaction and quick support.

Advantages of the IoT platform

  • Improved performance has potential to increase ROI.
  • Insights provided by analytical trends help in quick decision-making and for strategy.
  • Comprehensive solution to monitor multiple devices connected to numerous machines.
  • Real-Time monitoring reduces service time and costs incurred.
  • Universal platform for all sensors and devices with scalability.
  • Streamlines the Business Processes
  • Enables Safety and Risk Management

How the Solution gives an edge over competitors:

  • A Unified Platform for all Sensors and Devices
  • User-Friendly Trends and an analytical business based interface
  • Quick adaptability & Implementation of Solution
  • Proven Device Management and Preventive Fault Updates
  • Maximized Productivity & Reduced Operation cost


  • 70% increase in visibility via device and sensors
  • 30% of enterprises use IoT products
  • 30% improvement in Sales due to IIoT Uniqueness
  • Proven Device Management / IoT track record of TRINETRA

To Conclude

  • Trinetra tSense supports clients by providing powerful solutions for monitoring multiple devices and the required parameters via connected devices
  • The solution reduces manual intervention and service time on machines.
  • Enriched data oriented analytical information for quick decision-making.
  • Helps stay ahead and know instantly your machine updates.

Our IIoT solutions can help clients to know by instant updates the health of their machines and data analytics can help them to keep pace with current trend. Please get in touch with our Trintetra tSense team to know more about the robust and scalable IIoT solutions offered over a pre-built IoT platform.