Get greater visibility, new & precise analytics, increased capacity for automation and much more with IoT tech.

Jan 13 2021

Get greater visibility, new & precise analytics, increased capacity for automation and much more with IoT tech.

Monitor, manage and secure connected devices in real-time and this can be completed at scale with cloud-based solutions from tSense.

Manufacturing companies have actually adopted digital technology very early and the modern manufacturing ecosystem has also evolved really fast, encouraging industry stakeholders to adopt IoT technologies for the benefits it offers and to keep up with the digital transformation trend spreading worldwide.

The Advantages of Analytics in our Age of Digitalization

  • IoT empowered solutions and platforms provide the critically needed visibility of data through Analytical Trends
  • Such solutions help organisations to know and prevent the issue occurrence through trend analysis.
  • The platform helps to deploy a tailored IIoT solution for company benefits and machine performance enhancement.
  • An IIoT deployment can help companies to know instant updates of their machines to optimize maintenance and uptime.
  • Data analytics can help the project managers and companies to keep pace with current trends in the industry.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with a Technological Edge

  • Analytical data insights provide quick decision-making for managers and entrepreneurs.
  • Trinetra tSense software helps to improve the machine quality and know the current trend using ROI analysis.
  • Improve end-client satisfaction with quick support and integration.
  • Trinetra tSense supports by providing powerful solutions for monitoring multiple devices and required parameters connected to machines
  • Reduces your service time and manual intervention to the minimum.
  • Enriched data-oriented analytical information to be well ahead and to know your machines’ updates instantly for quick decision-making

How A Versatile IoT Platform Benefits Your Organisation

  • Unified IoT Platform available for all Sensors and Devices
  • User-Friendly Trends and Analytics for business-based interface
  • Quick adaptability & Implementation for industry
  • Proven Device management and preventive fault updates provided
  • Maximized Productivity & Reduced Operation cost
  • Proven Device Management & IoT track record


  • 70% increase in visibility via device and sensors
  • 30% of enterprises use IoT products
  • 30% improvement in Sales due to IIoT Uniqueness
  • Proven Device Management / IoT track record of TRINETRA

Trinetra tSense offers support to clients and customers by developing powerful cloud-based IoT solutions for monitoring multiple devices and the required parameters via connected devices on a scalable platform. It also reduces manual intervention and service downtime on machines. Enriched data oriented analytical information with instant machine updates helps companies stay ahead in the competitive market and for quick decision-making by managers.

IIoT solutions can help clients to know, via instant updates, the current health of their machines or assets, and with data analytics can help them to keep pace with current trends of the market.

Kindly contact our team to get more details about the robust and scalable IIoT solutions being offered over a pre-built IoT platform that can be adapted to different sectors.