Take advantage of IoT based Industrial Environment Monitoring Soluiton

Take advantage of IoT based Industrial Environment Monitoring Soluiton

IoT based Industrial Environment Monitoring System

More industries and businesses are realising the benefits of IoT based technologies and solutions, thus leading to increasing adoption, helping them to improve efficiencies and opening up new revenue streams.

Currently IoT-based environmental monitoring too is gaining favour. As urbanisation continues rapidly across the globe, the quality of life too gets affected. As a result, with pollution and wastage affecting our lives, there is increase awareness to curtail and manage this challenge. IoT based environmental monitoring system administers data generated and captured in rea-time and monitors processes to gain critical insights and support decision-making. As underlying technologies that make IoT are maturing it is getting easier to implement such systems, thus helping companies and organisations to gain new opportunities and improve operations for a sustainable future.

There are different types of environmental pollution happening, one is internal and the other external. IoT-based technology solutions have an answer to address both of them. A combination of advanced strategies, software applications, sensors and devices with connectivity and networking has been able to create the right IoT system for monitoring and managing, which is also evolving with time.

IoT based Industrial Environmental Monitoring systems make a difference.

Air Quality Monitoring: There is increasing pollution of air in both internal and external environments. In a closed office space or underground premises, the quality of air affects the health of the human occupants. Industrial units emit gases that are toxic at varying degrees, impacting the air quality of our environment. IoT provides sensors and devices to monitor and measure air quality, and the metrics got through the system can create change and influence decision-making for businesses, industries and organisations involved. Some of the present real-world monitoring includes carbon monoxide in buildings and homes and Methane monitoring in waste management and in agro sector. IoT has the most use cases in toxic gas detection and the data collection is used for predictive analysis.

Water Quality Monitoring: Water pollution is a challenge and it affects the health people in many ways. IoT based monitoring systems help to detect contaminants, pH levels, oxygen levels and other factors that matter here for a safe environment. Some of the use cases include – public water treatment monitoring, irrigation water monitoring and control, waste water and storm water monitoring, and others.

Energy Monitoring: Owing to the great demand for energy, energy monitoring is essential for conservation, which is a criterion for leading energy companies and providers. Clean energy solutions for sustainability are also related to this monitoring system. Businesses and industries use the IOT sensors and remote monitoring applications of the system for measuring efficiency and cost management.

IoT based solutions help drive growth while reducing harmful environmental impact. The combination of IoT sensors, edge computing, networking and wireless connectivity supports quick detection, critical data insights and remedial action. IoT based environment monitoring offers an innovative way to track, prevent and mitigate environmental challenges. It supports end-to-end project planning – from designing to prototyping, from procurement to system integration and deployment.


Trinetra tSense foresees the demand for IoT related applications in many sectors. IoT based projects has great potential as it supports backward compatibility and integration, an opportunity known as IoT retrofitting. As IoT tech is getting increasingly empowered with smarter applications and innovations, we are surely moving towards Industry 4.0. Perceptibly, IIoT technology will benefit all who adopt it in the future, opening up new opportunities and novel revenue streams..

The team at Trinetra tSense have the expertise and experience in IIoT projects to offer you customised solutions. You can also submit the enquiry form available online, or just email a request to us and our executive will contact you to discuss the details of your requirement.

TNAU Signs MoU with Trinetra to Co-Create an IOT Centre for Hitech Agro Solutions

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) Coimbatore, a premier institute of International repute in the field of agriculture research, education and extension since 1971 has signed an MOU with Trinetra wireless, a leading global player in the IoT & AI space, to set up an IOT Centre which would be a training ground for students in cutting edge technologies, apart from serving as an innovation center for students to develop solutions for modern-day agricultural needs. Students will be exposed to cutting-edge products, solutions and technologies like IOT, AI etc which will help them with global exposure and placements in the Agro-sciences space.

Broadly the focus areas of the MoU are: Students Training, Research & Innovation, Joint Solutions for Agro Sciences Industry

The MoU was signed in the presence of Dr. Geethalakshmi, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Lakshman, Dean – Post Graduate studies, Dr. R. Thamiz Vendhan, Registrar, of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University along with Mr. Jayanthra, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jayaprashanth Chief Operating Officer & Mr. Rajan Kanagasabai, Management Advisor of Trinetra Wireless.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) offers 12 UG Degree programs, 35 PG Degree programs and 30 Doctoral Programs in 18 colleges distributed in 14 campuses across Tamil Nadu, India. The University also has 36 Research Stations for Agro-Technology Development and 14 Farm Sciences Centers for Outreach

Trinetra Wireless – Mobility & IoT Solutions Provider

Trinetra Wireless, with 12+ years of global experience in the Field of Location Based Services, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, GPS Fleet Management, and Mobility Solutions with an implementation base across 15 countries.


IOT solution from Trinetra t-sense helps overcome Equipment Rental Company business challenges

IOT for rental equipment

In today’s time of Technology driven world implementation of technologies like telematics increase safety, efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings for the companies that use them. Recently, we could see many Equipment rental organizations adopting telematics technologies to gain more insights, generate revenue and operate effectively. IOT solution is gaining traction as you could overcome common rental business challenges such as

  1. Equipment Location Tracking
  2. Monitoring Equipment Availability
  3. Tracking Equipment Utilization
  4. Forecasting Equipment Maintenance

By using IOT Equipment Rental organization can manage as well monitor their assets to deliver a better customer experience. IOT solution from Trinetra-tsense can help rental companies to replace their paper process with connect systems that support you every step of the way.

  • Helps to know vehicle availability Automatically through notifications of booked rentals, upcoming bookings, and closed bookings etc.
  • Helps keep the equipment running at maximum efficiency, decreasing time spent on diagnosing mechanical defects
  • Helps get automate notification on preventive maintenance schedules to decrease unplanned breakdowns and service calls
  • Helps receive custom alerts and notifications to know when equipment needs to be serviced, or when it’s being under- or over-utilized from agreed terms
  • Helps generate Invoices accurately based on equipment usage and agreed contract.

With a mobile device and network access rental companies can achieve following benefits.

IOT Technology Benefits to Equipment rental companies

  • Significantly increase asset utilization by improving uptime and availability
  • Streamline unstructured asset management process
  • Monitor equipment usage patterns by doing RPM analysis
  • Monitor fuel usage, especially thefts
  • Track illegal trips un authorized usage

To use IOT technology and provide seamless rental experience your customers expect, give us a call or leave us an enquiry.

Smart manufacturing operations add value with Industry 4.0 platform and IoT

Smart manufacturing operations add value with Industry 4.0 platform and IoT

The platform helps companies to realize efficiencies and increase productivity in its global manufacturing operations. 

Smart manufacturing methodology is fast catching up across the world. This is technology driven approach to monitor productive process by the inter connectivity of machinery and equipment with applications and the internet. This approach aims to identify opportunities to use data analytics, to automate operations and the IoT.

Global manufacturing companies, especially OEMs, manage multiple lines of business and hundreds of factories spread worldwide. How the lack of visibility into production metrics like overall equipment effectiveness have made them adopt innovative solutions.

Moving on to the Industry 4.0 platform

Industry leaders recognize the opportunity to transition to digital systems. The objective is to create significant value in millions. Business leaders see that in the next five years, we will move from improving efficiency to an Industry 4.0 platform supporting connectivity and digital visualization. The fourth industrial revolution is referred to as Industry 4.0, which is changing the way companies are manufacturing products and operations, besides improving them and distributing them by integrating new technologies, all by including IoT, analytics and cloud computing.

IoT platform for smart manufacturing

The data-centric approach of Industry 4.0 is compatible with IoT platform that supports and enhances smart manufacturing systems in factories of various industries. The data is obtained from the assets of the company which adds value and enables smarter decisions. Integrating technologies such as 5G and edge computing, it provides vital insights and key to operational resilience in a global perspective to face challenges and disruption.

This unique visibility into production metrics, such as overall equipment effectiveness, will help in cost savings and efficiency, leading to profitability. The platform is driven by application that offer dashboards monitoring asset performance and yield insights. The applications are capable of triggering real-time notifications and alerts, allows web-bases user interfaces that enable remote collaboration with shop-floor persons with experts and empowers the company’s next generation smart workers.

Similarly, the T-Sense Universal platform is an IoT based solution that runs, manages and connects a large and heterogeneous arrangement of IoT devices on a single platform architecture to operate vertical applications, machine-to-machine (M2M) devices that are positioned in multiple locations. The platform helps companies to realize efficiencies and increase productivity in its global manufacturing operations. It offers an entire solution in Life Cycle Management for OEMs, offering vast ERP integration knowledge and information with proven device management.

Any business, or industry, can avail Trinetra tSense’s services for developing a viable remote monitoring solution based on our universal, scalable IoT platform. Multiple assets at different locations can be integrated and simultaneously managed on our pre-built IIoT platform. Lessen manual intervention and machine downtime to a minimum and automates processes, which is a move towards Industry 4.0.

Contact us to get more details about our robust, customizable and scalable IIoT solutions, Trintetra tSense is definitely ready to help you out as your reliable partner in progress.

IOT solutions from Trinetra T-sense increased Manufacturing Company’s Productivity and Operational Efficiency

IoT connected devices

In today’s tech-centric landscape, initiatives utilizing IoT in the automobile manufacturing industry are on the rise. This automotive industry client approached us to get IoT platform solutions that will ultimately provide advanced analytics capabilities that adds an invaluable degree of operational flexibility. Our solution has transformed the many challenges they had to overcome. By harnessing this IOT in their manufacturing journey they have secured endless potential with respect to operational efficiency and production quality. In general, it helped them to become customer-centric.

The reality here is that adoption of digital technologies lead to increased automation, predictive maintenance, self-optimization of process improvements and, above. Utilization of Mobile enabled IOT in manufacturing lowered the total cost of ownership and helped client to connect more assets which in turn facilitated them to collect more data that improved efficiency of the production environment than previous mobile generations.

Machine Monitoring Reduced Machine Downtime

We provided them with Wireless coverage from mobile networks and this allowed the manufacturer to monitor, collect real time data / analyze with historic data, even track macro factors and predict issues into the production line. The other key thing we supported them is for machine maintenance, connected system & sensors which helped them predict, prevent and mitigate potential maintenance issues, downtime in production that is vital for protecting asset lifetime and continuous production.

Inline quality assurance for operation efficiencies

Quality can mean many things for manufacturers, in response to changing customer priorities, we facilitated them with factory floor operations visibility to reduce the biggest risk associated with manual labor–human error. IoT connected devices allow manufacturing operations and executives to utilize data flowing through their facilities to make smarter, more informed decisions.  Increased over all collaboration among various plant locations and other departments within the factory floor for efficient operations management.

We installed thermal and video sensors for collecting complete product data through different stages of a product cycle to catch defects early. This contributes to detecting quality problems at the source, besides contributes to quality assurance, cost-saving, and enhanced scalability.

Implementation of IOT into their manufacturing enabled them do remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, this investment shifted their focus on clients and profits rather than worrying about tedious and time consuming tasks. Contact us for a holistic approach to digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. Let’s see what we can do for you.

OEMs are Investing in IIOT technology solutions and obtaining substantial returns

IoT for OEM

Adoption rates of IIOT technology by OEMs companies continues to rise as the value proposition is recognized. By implementing sensing technologies and remote monitoring, interaction of people with machine got increased and thereby industries have reduced equipment failure and unexpected downtime. Actually this paradigm shift to digital technology allows companies to act with foresight, preventing significant losses and started creating value.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) today are having an opportunity to dive in and save the day with the customers who buy their machines. IIoT solution Implementation enables OEM’s to remotely connect with highly distributed fleet of equipment across disparate networks and security schemes. PaaS solution support which we offered has armed OEMs with the ability to gather performance data for troubleshooting and continuous improvement.

In this dynamic environment as complexity grows, to meet the business needs technologically advanced assets came into the picture and managing these mapped assets creates new business opportunities, better ROI. We being subject matter experts have proven domain expertise gained by providing 15,000 plus IIOT solution implementation to improve operational efficiencies, customer experience and reduce costs.

As the world connects via smartphones and matured cloud technologies, OEM manufacturers are replacing traditional forms of controlling and monitoring systems with end-to-end wireless automated systems. Due to this advancement OEMs can monitor their devices, identify the real utilization of their devices and provide enhanced customer service experience. With our IIOT solution, OEMs can build trust and deeper relationships with end users, by including subscription plans for predictive maintenance schedules for multiple machines or benchmark data which supports data-driven production optimization strategies.

To develop a customized IIoT solution that addresses your company’s unique needs leave us a call or fill out our simple online contact form.

IIOT capabilities of Trinetra T-sense helped OEMs improve asset uptime

Industrial application development

Currently, IoT Technology stack has brought improvement in the way operations are being done in the industries. In today’s competitive industrial environment, manufacturers have started implementing Industrial IOT solution to overcome unplanned downtime that arise with improper maintenance, overrunning machines and a lack of efficient machines’ condition tracking.

Industrial IoT solution from Trinetra T-sense has enabled OEM’s to better maintain & operate the machines, increase factory output and generate revenue.

  • With this IIOT system operations head can see machine utilization measurements in real-time without physical access to machines.
  • Further, they could interpret how effectively the equipment is functioning and take quick decisions to improve productivity.
  • IoT-based condition monitoring solution offers an opportunity to monitor machines’ condition and identify the source of a problem.
  • Reducing the impact of productivity congestion by offering process optimization and conditional analysis to make sure human and machine work in perfect harmony.

We have helped few industrial clients in various sectors to adopt IIOT critical to manage and monitor operations centrally. By utilizing industrial IoT solution enterprise managers were empowered to get a baseline of what the production capabilities are, as well find where the inefficiencies are, what critical metrics aren’t being met and what immediate changes are to be done to improve.


  • Helped assess machine utilization across geographically distributed factories
  • Improves production output by an average of 20% or more
  • Resolve machine problems remotely and reduce on-site service visits by 10-20%
  • IoT-based condition monitoring eliminates shutdowns by75%
  • Problem diagnosis becomes faster and more accurate

OEMs who are interested to take advantage of best-in-class technology can contact us for more details. We will help you to mitigate the chances of any potential hazard and avail higher ROI and productivity.

How solar power sector is using IoT to resolve energy challenges

Solar Power Management with IoT Device

Harnessing the power of digital transformation with IoT to resolve common challenges associated with complex energy grids; make it far easier to manage solar panels and energy output

 Solar power is by far the most promising source of renewable energy. By far the most promising source of renewable energy, it is one of the most energy efficient sources of renewable electricity on the market. So, many companies are expanding to offer solar power.

Solar energy companies are now harnessing the opportunities of digital transformation with IoT. It makes it far easier to manage challenges of the complex energy grids, the solar panels and energy output. Solar energy companies have to do it successfully by installing an IoT system to improve overall efficiency and meet current customer demands.

The Challenges of Remote Asset Monitoring for Solar Energy

Solar Power Management is a challenge for energy companies. Even large tech-savvy companies with good engineering resources, find gathering data from the edge, comprising of the many varied solar assets, to be a major obstacle.

You need to connect via your enterprise web platform, the solar panels to the utility grid and also ensure cellular modules and see gateways are integrated on the platform without any connectivity or data security vulnerability issues.

With everything integrated, you will need equipment and the software to know whether the solar station is delivering the energy sufficiently and maintaining load balance on the grid. Fluctuation in renewable energy generation is in response to changes in weather and other factors which happen obviously. But you have to ensure you are maximizing consistently the grid usage and load.

Renewable energy generating plants, like wind and solar, are usually clustered and widely distributed making it a logistical nightmare for grid managers. Energy systems are becoming too complex with more systems and devices joining your grid and more likelihood to have vulnerabilities in the system’s security. When you have thousands of mixed panels getting added to the system, monitoring becomes difficult and a higher chance of vulnerability. Therefore, choose a scalable platform with edge-to-cloud IoT solution.

IoT helps Solar Energy Management.

Solve many of the issues using IoT in solar energy management. Eliminate complex hardware integration and security concerns to allow seamless operation and data flow to your cloud system.

IoT helps you to see exactly what’s happening to your assets from a central control panel in real-time. It will help identify where problems are originating. Dispatch a technician to fix before it disrupts your system.

By using an IoT system you are less susceptible to outages and productivity issues. IoT also help to collect historical data for modelling to make energy management more efficient, cost-effective and logistically easier. It helps grid power metering to improve your system’s efficiency.

 Coming to a Conclusion

Any organisation, whether a medium or large enterprise, can avail Trinetra tSense’s services for developing a viable remote monitoring solution based on the universal scalable IoT platform. Trinetra builds powerful cloud-based IoT solutions for real-time monitoring of equipment, machines or assets, as per the required terms or parameters. Multiple assets fixed at different locations can all be integrated and simultaneously run on our pre-built IIoT platform which is scalable too. It simply reduces manual intervention and machine downtime. Enhanced data flow, with support of real-time updates, reports and data analytics, are all part of the system which is a transformation towards Industry 4.0.

Contact us to get more details about our robust, customizable and scalable IIoT solutions, Trintetra tSense is definitely ready to help you out as your reliable partner in progress.

Track mission-critical assets in real time with a powerful configurable software

A powerful, configurable System module to serve as the foundation for your asset tracking solution.

Business and organizations are looking towards technology to answer the challenges emerging out of the changing market scenario and increasing competition. An asset tracking or monitoring solution allows many organizations to track and locate machines, equipment, goods, and other critical assets to improve workflow and reduce costs or expenses.

The tracking system can even ensure that not only capital equipment but personnel are appropriately deployed as part of support to business operations and to serve the concerned customers. Advanced systems can Monitor asset location in real-time with geolocation mapping services. With an advanced IoT-based solution you can track mission-critical assets and unlock its hidden potential. Such an end-to-end solution can track the asset lifecycle to reduce expensive preventive maintenance and other costs. Mission-critical assets of your company come in the form of devices, equipment or applications and databases that form the core of your business or service.

Additional Intelligence with Data

The asset monitoring system that runs on an IoT platform, can gain additional intelligence with data captured from temperature and acceleration sensors. You can deploy or extend capabilities of assets, equipment or machines with open firmware and with support for additional sensors that may be required for meeting your business objectives and strategies.

With the advent of IoT tech, telematics and connectivity allows organisations in business or service to track a set of assets in real-time and with pinpoint accuracy across geographies. This system helps to improve upon workflow efficiency, maximize equipment utilization, and improve service levels.

IoT enabled modules offer reliable and accurate location data and can it be done with flexible Deployment Methods. The monitoring systems are built with highly reliable, global cellular coverage that are designed to provide reliable and accurate location data.

What are the benefits of a condition monitoring and asset tracking system?

The real-time monitoring applications help to improve the awareness on Machine Health with constant monitoring, besides helping to increase and predict their critical operations in real-time. The objective to invest in such solutions with quick ROI, is to Improve market value for your business or organisation which will impact positive customer experience.

Real-time equipment mapping system is driving growth of machine health monitoring and has got potential to change how companies conduct their business, regardless of the sector they are functioning in.

You can avoid stoppages, improve workflow and your operating efficiency by quickly locating critical equipment and goods. Real-time location tracking and alerts minimizes losses, theft and disruption of supply chain. Trinetra tSense has global expertise in providing you a solution that matches your business needs. Our modules help to adhere to your business needs before you go about making valuable decisions. Our software application makes automation unique for your requirements in meeting the challenging market conditions you face.


Any business or medium to large enterprise can avail our services for developing a viable remote monitoring solution. Based on a universal scalable IoT platform, we develop powerful cloud-based IoT solutions that help in real-time monitoring of equipment or assets, as per the required terms or assigned parameters. Multiple assets at different locations can be integrated and simultaneously run on our pre-built IIoT platform which is scalable too. Reduce manual intervention and machine downtime by using enhanced data flow, with support of real-time updates, reports and data analytics which is all part of the move towards Industry 4.0.

To get more details about our robust, customizable and scalable IIoT solutions, contact Trintetra tSense. Definitely we are only ready to help.


  • Expertise in Handling High Profile clients across the globe
  • 15,000+ implementation across the globe
  • Provided solutions in more than 15+ countries
  • Quick adaptability & Quick Implementation
  • Maximized Safety and Security
  • Proven Domain Expertise
  • Proven IIoT track record

Real-time equipment mapping with the help of Trinetra tSense’s IoT solution

IIoT Technology

Precise real-time equipment mapping can save construction industry and manufacturing companies millions in time spent looking for lost assets.

The use of real-time equipment mapping system allows a company to locate and track a number of equipment or assets via constant monitoring systems and using various technologies, especially wireless protocols. By mapping equipment or assets, this system allows to easily find the critical spots of the equipment or assets. Again by placing the monitoring system consisting of sensors critical to the process the equipment gets connected to an IoT platform.

Promising Potential

The real time equipment mapping system is driving the growth of the machine health monitoring. The indoor mapping technology has got potential to bring about a transformation in how companies conduct their business, regardless of the sector. It has found application in manufacturing healthcare, hospitality, law enforcement and in education. The growth of the indoor positioning technology is expected to reach 28% in the next 4 years, owing to the many benefits it offers.

Part of the IIoT Technology Stack

Thanks to the sensors and smart IoT devices the availability of smarter (and more relevant) machine data for manufacturers has given a significant advantage to them to improve and expand their business or product range. This involves the bundling of the IIoT technology stack and using all-in-one IIoT solutions to accelerate IIoT project timelines

This system offers new revenue streams and business opportunities for OEMs and manufacturers, enabled by data-driven services. This digital transformation sees the rise of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and other recurring revenue models replacing antiquated sales models. The indoor asset mapping system isn’t an independent technology, but needs to be integrated with many different systems and business practices and with different teams using and managing it at different points.

Saving Costs & Time

Precise real-time equipment mapping can save construction industry and manufacturing companies millions of dollars in the time spent looking for lost assets. It helps to improve their awareness on Machine Health monitoring to undertake the relevant action. This system helps to increase awareness and predict their machine operations, motivating to invest in solutions supporting this system with quick ROI and to improve market value by nearly 70% of products and the company.

Trinetra tSense has global expertise in providing IoT based solutions matching the business needs of clients. Out solution helps to adhere to your business needs. The solution provides you information and reports well before making valuable decisions. It helps you to make automation unique in challenging market conditions

Concluding Note

Any business or large enterprise can avail our services for developing a viable solution based on a universal scalable IoT platform. We develop powerful cloud-based IoT solutions that help in monitoring equipment or assets, as per the required or assigned parameters. Multiple assets can simultaneously integrated and run on our pre-built IIoT platform. Reduces manual intervention and machine downtime by using enhanced data flow, with support of real-time updates, reports and data analytics which is part of the onset of Industry 4.0

To get more details about our robust, customizable and scalable IIoT solutions, contact Trintetra tSense. Definitely we are only ready to help.


  • Expertise in Handling High Profile clients across the globe
  • 15,000+ implementation across the globe
  • Provided solutions in more than 15+ countries
  • Quick adaptability & Quick Implementation
  • Maximized Safety and Security
  • Proven Domain Expertise
  • Proven IIoT track record