How Business Revenue can be Improved with IoT

How Business Revenue can be Improved with IoT

IoT enabled solutions are being adopted ever more by businesses and industries because of the value addition and revenuer increase it does.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is by far the most revolutionary technology that businesses and industries have encountered in recent times. IoT has now gained acceptance and relevance in our digital world and more so in our pandemic stricken times. Many businesses and industries are taking to IoT solutions because of the benefits and its capacity of improving revenue and profits for stakeholders. Here we will discuss how it works.

IoT makes business smarter

IoT has is capable of making the business look and work smarter. The use of devices and sensors on a software platform for data transmission helps businesses and organisations to drive more revenue starting from the base level.

Smarter Business Decisions and Operations.

When IoT enabled physical assets are connected via IoT devices it ensures remote working and control which enables data-driven decision-making, monitored operations and even automated tasks. Monitoring and tracking can be done in real-time using wireless networks.

IoT with Telematics.

The GPS-enabled tracking system is used for monitoring individual vehicles, fleets and other assets fixed or moving, fitted with sensors and devices. IoT tech is used to generate data that can be stored and retrieved from the cloud that works with the platform. The system is capable of automating various processes to reduce time, costs and human involvement.

Helps in Smarter Products & Service.

Customers always like to get or buy upgraded products. As they prefer more connected and synced products, IoT has opened up a new avenue to introduce smart connected products and services.

A New Customer Value Propositions

Offering a new value proposition to customers is advantageous and using IoT devices and software surely gives the advantage in a competitive market. It also paves the way to engage the customer better and develop a loyal relationship benefiting the business or service.

Altering Business Models

Most companies are implementing IoT solutions into the business model with plans to expand and create new revenue streams. When developing a business model integrating IoT, stakeholders must understand that digitally enabled products offer many opportunities to create revenue streams, cut costs or expenses and boost productivity.

Better Customer Engagement and Understanding

Companies make IoT enabled products to connect better with their customers. It can track customer behaviour and activities and enable feedback that is data centric, allowing it to be stored and analysed with software applications. If the insights generated are used properly, it will enable better decision-making and can help in improving the products and work of the business.

Greater Speed and Accessibility

An IoT platform offers greater speed and accessibility to the company and users. It enables better research and understanding of customers or buyers. It helps to cut down the selling and buying cycles, as most things are digitalised and web-enabled.

Meeting Changing Customers’ Needs

Usually customers today are attracted to new products. When smart devices that are IoT enabled are incorporated, the demand for that product will most likely rise. The customer’s needs may change, may be demanding a more integrated and more efficient product or tool, to help improve their lifestyle.

Improving Overall Efficiency and Productivity

Businesses Implementing IoT will not only increase the speed of operations but also help in making IoT enabled devices and physical assets work more efficiently, to save time and improve productivity. It can also cut down human intervention and labour costs. Efficiency of employees in that organization also get improved, as they will be able to achieve tasks in a larger scale with greater precision, faster.

In Conclusion

The trend seems to be pointing to greater IoT support in future and also for backward compatibility or even IoT retrofitting. It seems we have only scratched the surface of IoT potential, as we see how rapidly commercial and consumer-level applications are adopting IoT.

This technology aims to benefit all stakeholders involved. Today’s business, service and industry seem to be the first to be impacted and also setting the trend. IoT development is in gaining demand as it is proving to win more business and generate revenue.

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