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The wear and tear of the equipment will result in breached parameter thresholds from the equipment. Through this, we can look at the root cause and take corrective measures to avoid equipment faulting. the need for external sensors depend on the type of GSE you need to monitor. Some GSEs do not need sensors, only a smart device would be required to push the data to the cloud.
A web based portal is required for remote monitoring of HVR units along with the suitable device. The HVR units are installed at various sites. The web based software will be used mainly for monitoring the parameter data of the TR controls at site. This data will include the various operating parameters as well as operating status & various alarm conditions..
Intelligent solution along with machine maintenance which will helpful to maximize the performance of the machinery, minimize the overhead costs, maximize the machine durability and enhanced productivity. maintenance module helps to manage and monitor maintenance history of the machinery with a productive differentiation between planned and actual cost incurred for a particular service where they can easily identify the root cause of the minimized ROI in the service tasks