IOT solution from Trinetra t-sense helps overcome Equipment Rental Company business challenges

Jul 15 2022

IOT solution from Trinetra t-sense helps overcome Equipment Rental Company business challenges

In today’s time of Technology driven world implementation of technologies like telematics increase safety, efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings for the companies that use them. Recently, we could see many Equipment rental organizations adopting telematics technologies to gain more insights, generate revenue and operate effectively. IOT solution is gaining traction as you could overcome common rental business challenges such as

  1. Equipment Location Tracking
  2. Monitoring Equipment Availability
  3. Tracking Equipment Utilization
  4. Forecasting Equipment Maintenance

By using IOT Equipment Rental organization can manage as well monitor their assets to deliver a better customer experience. IOT solution from Trinetra-tsense can help rental companies to replace their paper process with connect systems that support you every step of the way.

  • Helps to know vehicle availability Automatically through notifications of booked rentals, upcoming bookings, and closed bookings etc.
  • Helps keep the equipment running at maximum efficiency, decreasing time spent on diagnosing mechanical defects
  • Helps get automate notification on preventive maintenance schedules to decrease unplanned breakdowns and service calls
  • Helps receive custom alerts and notifications to know when equipment needs to be serviced, or when it’s being under- or over-utilized from agreed terms
  • Helps generate Invoices accurately based on equipment usage and agreed contract.

With a mobile device and network access rental companies can achieve following benefits.

IOT Technology Benefits to Equipment rental companies

  • Significantly increase asset utilization by improving uptime and availability
  • Streamline unstructured asset management process
  • Monitor equipment usage patterns by doing RPM analysis
  • Monitor fuel usage, especially thefts
  • Track illegal trips un authorized usage

To use IOT technology and provide seamless rental experience your customers expect, give us a call or leave us an enquiry.