Smart Transportation

Smart Transportation

The concept of smart transportation is catching up fast, as more fleet, transport and passenger vehicles and other related stakeholders adopt advanced technologies to get connected.

The platform offered by Trinetra T-Sense presents many benefits to fleet owners, logistics companies and other organisations that adopt smart connected vehicle tech, which enhanced with internet and cloud-based platforms and also big data. All of this can be integrated in an urban environment offering smart solutions to organisations and individuals.

Energy & Utilities Management

The companies and business operating in Oil & Gas, Mining and Utilities have either adopted IoT tech early or are getting in fast. Trinetra T-Sense will be able to customise a solutions specific to the use case, or requirements, supported by a platform with a roadmap for sustainability and value addition.

Considering the expanse of operations undertaken by energy and utilities providers, it is an IoT based solution with GPS capability that can enable solutions to save cost, scale up operations and automate many of the operations.

Smart Wearable Technology

Wearable devices are capable of transmitting instant data during emergencies may be cited as the first applications of smart wearable tech. Such devices add great value to stakeholders and beneficiaries.

However wearable tech has become a hallmark of IoT offering data processing advantages via wearables like medical wearables, smart watches or smart clothes capable of communicating with other digital or computer systems.

Smart City Solution

Smart city is an important concept gaining popularity in the urban development of any nation. With IoT technologies solutions for the smart city enables it to communicate with a number of homogenous and heterogeneous systems, at the same time having access to data for designing and maintaining numerous useful digital services.

Benefits are for scaling up infrastructure with cost effective and efficient systems. It helps enhance public transport, reduce traffic congestion and safety.