Predicting the Biggest IoT Trends in 2023

May 15 2023

Predicting the Biggest IoT Trends in 2023

The Internet of Things, or IoT as it is cryptically called, is a growing sophisticated ecosystem that comprises of interconnected online devices and equipment across the world. The name refers to the fact that the first iteration of the internet was simply a network of connected computers and devices.

As the Internet of Things grew, phones, office equipment like printers and scanners, and industrial machinery were added to the internet. Today, just about any device we use in our homes, offices, factories, or simply wear on our bodies can be online and connected, hence the internet of “things.” Since IoT has great potential to support business and industry, we project some possible IoT trends in the current trajectory for 2023.

Growing Edge Computing

With the increasing requirements in data processing and analytics, edge computing is expected to grow manifold this year. Edge computing has the potential to improve real-time decision-making, and process data locally without cloud support., resulting in better response time and efficiency.

Security & Privacy Enhancement

The growing concern for data security and privacy is setting the stage for a new trend. IoT security could push in better security protocols, encryption mechanisms, advanced authentication and encryption techniques, to protect the increasing number of connected devices from cybercrime.

IoT applications specific to business and industry

Owing to the rapid and continued adoption of IoT in various industries like healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and agriculture, the applications specific to an industry or sector is gaining traction and customisation. Consider areas of precision farming, smart factories, remote patient monitoring, etc.

Healthcare adopts IoT

For the past many years, healthcare industries have been trialing IoT tech and the sector is now leading in its adoption and innovation, especially during the pandemic. Telehealth visits stepped in to help people get medical help while following social distancing rules. IoT devices and wearable sensors are now used in remotely tracking or monitoring patients, but other potential innovations or opportunities are just around the corner.

Advent of 5G network

IoT devices need faster and reliable connectivity and the 5G network rollout can make an impact. 5G can provide low latency, better coverage, and high bandwidth to unlock new opportunities for IoT applications in remote healthcare, autonomous vehicle projects, smart cities, etc.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can offer decentralized and immutable record-keeping, improving the security and transparency of IoT data and transactions. Blockchain can improve trust in IoT applications and improve data integrity in the coming years.

AI & ML in IoT tech

The integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in IoT systems is increasing and can enable IoT devices to analyze data in real-time, enabling automated decision-making. In IIoT it can detect equipment failure beforehand, reduce downtime and improve productivity amongst others.

The potential trends we have discussed here are speculative and may be subject to change based on many factors, like regulatory changes, technological developments, geo-political events and market dynamics. The right IoT solution provider and IT expert can help to build and customise your IoT solution. To connect it all and run it, you also have to get the necessary support for the IoT platform and it should be relevant to your service, industry or business.

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