Benefits of Using IoT Remote Monitoring System in Air Compressor System

Jun 24 2022

Benefits of Using IoT Remote Monitoring System in Air Compressor System

Electricity is considered to be the most powerful energy source distributed in the world. The convenience availability of electric power is low. It is hard for the power sector to generate, transmit & supply electricity consistently without any interruption.

A continuous power supply to the plant is needed to avoid any disruption or downtime in work. This challenge can be solved by using an air compressor in the manufacturing unit to generate compressed air for various applications in the plant. Since the air compressor is the critical utility used, its parameters of it should be monitored on regular basis with the recommended maintenance schedule.

Trinetra Tsense, an IoT solution provider supports customers to overcome this challenge by providing a feasible remote monitoring system for air compressors. Using a remote monitoring system for the air compressors enables anyone to capture real time data from the compressed air equipment and convert them into data insights using that the maintenance team can check the health condition of the equipment from anywhere and anytime.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring Air Compressor Using IoT Technology

Real-Time Data Visualization:

IoT-enabled remote monitoring system for air compressors allows real-time meaningful data collection from compressor equipment over weeks, months, and years that can provide information on compressor performance as well as performance anomalies. The data can be viewed and downloaded from anywhere anytime by the maintenance team remotely to analyze the insights and take decisions.

Preventive Maintenance:

The best way to achieve consistency of air compressor is by observing the parameters of the equipment. This ensures that the maintenance team can react quickly to any equipment malfunctions and resolve the issue immediately. Alert notifications are supported by the IoT technology to insist the maintenance team be proactive in addressing the problems and reduce downtime.

Improves Compressor Lifespan:

The insights gathered by the air compressor remote monitoring system enable the maintenance team to be proactive that improving the lifespan of the air compressor. Even the technology can support taking action in response to any alert notification and troubleshooting the problems effectively. This technology is preprogrammed so, based on a smart algorithm to provide its maximum level.

Reduce Manual Errors:

Usually the traditional way of gathering data, creating reports, and distributing the insights to stakeholders. Using an air compressor remote monitoring system can avoid time taken for data sharing or any data loss. Even the technology can provide automatic alert notification on issues to the maintenance team and avoid the traditional way of equipment maintenance. It streamlines the workflow and saves time.

Considering the above benefits, most manufacturing units have adopted IoT-enabled air compressor monitoring system to evaluate their health and performance condition. Trinetra Tsense has experience in helping manufacturing industries use an air compressor enabled with IoT technology and have efficient monitoring.