Remote Monitoring of Air Compressors offers Operational Benefits

Oct 14 2022

Remote Monitoring of Air Compressors offers Operational Benefits

The air compressor is widely used in various segments of industry and manufacturing as an important facilitator in industrial automation. It finds application in textiles, automobile, ship building, steel, aerospace and many other sectors. To run air compressors there are lot of trouble shooting, repairs and maintenance involved. This implies risks of downtime and faults that can cause losses to the company. So, traditionally engineers inspect and check each equipment which incurs costs.

The use of Air Compressor Monitoring System

Logically to ensure normal long-term operation air compressors need preventive maintenance. This is where a remote air compressor monitoring system solution is needed. However, remote monitoring of air compressors is now available with help of IoT technology. All the critical parameters that need to be monitored can be done with sensors fitted on the equipment, which when connected wirelessly to a network or the internet, can generate/capture data in real-time. The IoT-based remote monitoring and diagnostics solution is capable of identifying faults and trigger alerts and notifications to the concerned managers or stakeholders.

The IoT-based remote asset monitoring system can use the data in hand to determine a number of factors that ensure the smooth trouble-free running of air compressors on the site, or at various locations. This asset monitoring software is not only able to support preventive maintenance but also predictive maintenance thanks to data analytics and data insights gained. The monitoring system ensures high performance, reliability and security for running a group or series of air compressors that can be interconnected. Parameters such as, temperature, air pressure, humidity (condensation), power consumption and running time can all be monitored using the application hosted on the IoT platform.

Practical Advantages of the IoT based System

Data from the sensors including warning codes and fault codes can be collected and sent to the cloud for storage and for later use by the remote air compressor management system that maintains and monitors the equipment on site centrally and remotely. The monitoring system can be accessed both on the web and on a customized mobile app, literally from anywhere at any time. Users with access can view status of operation, of alerts, of faults of the connected air compressors. The Air compressor remote monitoring system cuts down time of troubleshooting, increases operational efficiency, improves service, lowers cost of maintenance and communication over time.

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