An Industrial IoT Solution Provider for OEM Industry

An Industrial IoT Solution Provider for OEM Industry

Industrial IoT Solution Provider for OEMs



The Client

The client is a leading Industry owning a unit related to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and they also run this service at a global level. Since it is a global market, getting information based on their devices, need to be instant for quick decision-making, which will in turn give the client a bigger increase in profitability.

The Business Need

Client wants a Real-world IoT implementation, which is still very challenging primarily due to two reasons:

  • The massive complexity involved in creating, managing and updating IoT applications worldwide.
  • The difficulties companies face when extracting, analysing, and acting upon huge amounts of data being continuously generated.

The Solution Implemented

Collecting and analysing data from physical assets has huge potential, as the original equipment manufacturing industry is about to witness its transformative effect, but various challenges inherent in dealing with the avalanche of data streaming from the millions of fixed and mobile assets deployed have to be overcome.

Industrial manufacturing companies are further confronted by the daunting challenge of actually building an IoT infrastructure, as there are difficulties involved in making the different parts of the infrastructure – the devices, network connectivity, and cloud applications – all work together.

SOLVING the complexity of INDUSTRIAL IOT is a priority. IoT applications require significant end-to-end infrastructure in order to transmit and process the data they produce and to integrate it into systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planners (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Designing and building enterprise-scale IoT solutions require a balance of both network edge and cloud processing. If a company only relies on cloud processing, it could face costs, bandwidth and latency issues, as it must transmit huge amounts of unfiltered information, but relying only on edge processing can cause immense complexity too.

Trinetra T-Sense is providing all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution, with a pre-built, out-of-the box infrastructure, which can extract information from a wide variety of equipment types, using both modern and legacy communication protocols and also the tools to easily assemble info into “event streams,” the organizing unit for managing IoT data in the cloud.

Trinetra T-Sense also has the ability to change data processing rules and be able to easily change edge device rules and configurations, besides update the applications when needed, which is a major advantage. Trinetra T-Sense approach to data orchestration allows IoT data to be distributed and seamlessly integrated into all major ERP or CRM systems for analysis.


  • Reduce Operation Cost
  • Quick Data updating from multiple Assets
  • all-in-one, edge-to-cloud solution
  • pre-built, out-of-the box infrastructure
  • Improve Productivity based on quick data analysis
  • Data Driven Decision Making

IoT Solution for Ensuring Freshness of Cold Stored Food in Cold Storage Industry

Cold Storage Monitoring IoT

INDUSTRY: Cold Storage

Solution: Ensuring the freshness of cold stored food with intelligent IoT Solution

The Client

The client Is a leading importer and exporter of FMCG products in Saudi Arabia, who runs the service globally. Since it is global operations, maintaining the quality of goods and materials stored plays an important part in business productivity and improvement.

The Business Need

The client’s business needed an IoT solution with the ability to track the in-store devices like refrigerators, chillers or freezers, to monitor the parameters like temperature and humidity. The solution should also be able to detect the flaws in the equipment, and also provide details related to the temperature, humidity, etc. Another aspect is to mainly set the business rules, based on the usage and pre-set threshold values with instant alerts. These alerts and related information help the client to take remedial measures instantly and to improve the quality of the food and products in the storage units.

The Solution Implemented

The healthiness of food in storage ensures safety of business for the customers of the client. The client is a big player in the FMCG storage and distribution business globally, with its HO in Saudi Arabia. To maintain the quality of foods up to the standards expected by his customers, the integration was achieved through an IoT solution.

Considering the client’s daily operations, Trinetra T-Sense provided an efficient temperature sensing solution which will upscale the productivity and increase ROI directly by full utilisation of the in-store equipment.

With the help of the solution, retailers can keep track of the in-store devices, like the refrigerators, chillers and freezers, and monitor the parameters like temperature and humidity. Breaches in the working of the equipment are detected by the temperature sensors placed inside to measure the temperature and humidity in relation to the environmental conditions.

For better prediction of breaches, alerts are triggered and notified on the dashboard (of web application and mobile app) in order to take timely remedial measures. The client can also track refrigerated vehicles in real-time.  In the solution, multiple sensors are integrated, like the Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Door Sensors, Spill Sensors and Tilt Sensors. The information is detailed by the solution before being passed on to the Customer’s view.

Trinetra t-Sense uses predictive algorithms implemented on machine learning, to identify proactively device failures based on actual data, which is taken in correlation to weather conditions. Not only the hardware, but for the software based on 3rd party, integration is also made possible through APIs by sending the necessary required information to the client’s ERP.

Using Trinetra T-Sense IoT smart devices and sensors and machine to machine (M2M) connectivity, the client can reduce unnecessary expenses because of operational inefficiencies in the process.


  • Reduce Operation Cost
  • Multi Sensor Migrating and Instant Alerts
  • Ensures Food quality and freshness through environment monitoring
  • Warehouse Temperature Critical Monitoring
  • Improve Productivity based performance
  • Data Driven Decision making

IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions for Pyrolysis Plants

IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions for Pyrolysis Plants

INDUSTRY: Pyrolysis Plant

Solution : IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions

The Client

The client is a leading OEM who manufactures data loggers and controllers. This equipment is being used to obtain critical information/data when installed in a Pyrolysis plant.

The Business Need

The client’s need is to remotely monitor effectively with the installed sensors with instant data updates to the Data Logger and Controller which are placed/connected in the plant location. Hence there will be no need for any person to visit the plant to know the current status of the sensors, which may cause a big issue in the case of plant shutdown.

The Solution Implemented

Operational efficiency is monitored by the Pyro Data Analyser (PDA) which is a mini-controller, a rugged IoT based instrument that exploits in full the potential of latest advancements in measuring, like the pressure, temperature, fuel level sensors to transmit data without using expensive interface and software licenses. Controlling and monitoring parameters like pressure, temperature gas leakage, etc. in a Pyrolysis plant is a challenge where a human presence is needed. Trinetra T-Sense’s smart IIoT data-driven approach and solutions ensure full potential of these parameters are provided, to transmit data instantly without using expensive interface or human intervention.

The smart solution by T-Sense also provides quick and tailor-made alerts for specific events, like in the case of any one or more parameters exceeding the set limits from different sensors, or when the extra gas is vented automatically by the opening of a solenoid valve, in the Pyrolysis Plant. The uptime of the industrial asset is also maximised by providing data-based analysis reports, which ensures benefits or business gains. This solution is via versatile devices that can be used in pyrolysis reactors, incinerators, gasifiers, or boilers.


  • Local and remote monitoring of pyrolysis reactor for temperature and pressure
  • Designed for rugged industrial use
  • Ensures instant updates to the plant supervisor
  • Improves awareness on the machine’s wear and tare
  • Increases the life of machines in the plant

Waste Management Solution with IoT for Efficient & Cost-effective Operations

Smart IoT waste management solution

INDUSTRY: Waste Management

Solution : Waste Management Solution with IoT


The client Is a leading Waste Management Collection and Recycling company operating in the UAE and runs the service globally. The client is also handling Waste Collection related to the Smart City project.

The Business Need

The client’s business involves in the timely collection of waste and in properly utilizing the assets (trucks, bins, etc.) to the maximum. As the vehicles for waste collection go out in random to collect the waste from bins located around the area, there was no awareness as to when and where to assign these vehicles with regard to the bin’s status (level of waste deposited).

The Solution Implemented

Waste collection and management is a huge network in the UAE region. Managing the assets during business hours is really challenging. Waste management companies and municipalities have barely used the technological innovations to improve their operational efficiency. So far they have only improved on route efficiencies. Even with route optimisation, the waste level must be checked physically in the dumpster bin. This results in waste of time and money, as dumpster bins that need no emptying are also visited by vehicles.

By using Trinetra T-Sense’s smart IoT devices and sensors, waste management companies can cut costs, increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. A very complex urban waste collection process requires significantly more resources manually. To reduce operational cost dumpster bins are fixed with sensors to know the volume and weight inside. The level of waste to be collected can be set. Those in charge of the respective location will be alerted on bin filling, based on which the route assignment will be done to specific vehicles and no pickups are missed.

T-Sense’s has IoT smart devices, sensors and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity to reduce unnecessary expenses due to operational inefficiencies, in the smart waste collection process, by enabling effective decisions.


  • Reduced Operation Costs by smart waste management
  • Quick alerts on bin filling and other parameters
  • Ensures improved truck usage and time utilization
  • Route Management based on bin filling alerts
  • Improved Vehicle Utilization
  • Efficient bin collection process

T-Sense Provides Advanced PLC Monitoring Solution for Fire-Fighting Trucks

IoT Based Fire Fighting Trucks Monitoring System

Industry : OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

Solution : Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) Monitoring


The client is a leading OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of Fire-Fighting Trucks, who serves customers from all over the world. The client, one of the highest sellers, has the manufacturing unit in Dubai, UAE, to make and sell these Emergency Fire-Fighting Trucks worldwide.

The Business Need

The client’s Fire & Safety Tuck has a PLC (programmable logic controller) which captures data relevant to the vehicle’s operations and on parameters based on the tasks provided on the vehicle, such as Water Level, Foam Level, etc. But to read and write the data from the PLC, the client was looking for solution that is further advanced and to get complete control over the PLC, in order to make this solution as a value addition to help increase the sales of the Fire & Safety trucks worldwide. These emergency vehicles are being sold from the UAE to customers across the world.

The Solution Implemented

Trinetra’s Fleet Management, Mobility & IoT Solutions team uses its domain expertise, with a solution oriented approach, to provide innovative IoT solutions. T-Sense focuses on providing, to unique and complex requirements, an innovative, effective solution. In this case, the client who is one of the biggest sellers of fire and safety trucks across the world, has implemented on their trucks a PLC that provides detailed insight from the parameters it captures.

The T-Sense solution helps to reduce manual intervention and captures real-time data regarding water level, foam level, etc. There are 41 parameters captured along with critical parameters, along with live data about the moving vehicle. As Fire & Safety vehicles are used in emergency situations, the data reporting and reading frequency has to be ‘spot-on’. The solution also helps to monitor the lifespan of both the vehicle as well as the PLCs.


  • Instant Read and Write on PLC
  • Quick alerts on critical parameters & Remote Diagnostics
  • Ensures rea- time updates during emergency situations
  • Monitoring, Scheduling and control over the assets
  • Satisfying customer with visibility on-the-go


Remote Generator Monitoring for Telecommunication Industry

remote generator monitoring system

Industry : Tele Communication

Solution : Remote Generator Monitoring Solution


A leading generator manufacturing / leasing company that leases generators to cater the customer needs in the region of Mumbai & Noida. With its unique network of locations, equipment and technical services, the company supports it’s customers in generating profits by reducing risk, solving problems and creating new opportunities.

Business Requirement

Monitoring of generators becomes extremely critical to run their operations and the company was looking for a full fledged asset management hosted solution to ensure optimal performance and timely maintenance services.

Trinetra Solution

The generators provided to Industrial Factories/companies are installed with Trinetra tSense solutions which has enabled them to monitor all important events like Oil Pressure, generator’s location, fuel level, running hours, engine temperature, battery voltage, power outputs, engine runtime & RPM and much more. With Trinetra, the company can now easily track the utilization time of generators, read generator instruments, loads monitoring in real time along with fault reports and alert notifications. Trinetra has added value to their business by providing the organization with a full-fledged solution including maintenance reminders, real time updates and extensive reports. With Trinetra – Remote Generator Monitoring & Asset Management hosted solution on their side, it’s now become easy for the company to view the 30+ critical data of each generator’s important parameters and also generate reports from the application.


  • Effective Generator utilization
  • Monitor unauthorized usage
  • Increased Generator security
  • Maximized productivity & improve generators lifespan
  • On time fixing of issues / faults
  • Instant alerts on critical parameters

Enhancing Waste Management with our Advanced Fleet Tracking Solution

Waste Management Fleet Tracking Solution

Industry: Waste Management

Solution : Fleet Tracking


The client is a leading Waste Management Service provider in the region of UAE and in 7 Emirates. Their business activity is to collect the solid waste including Residential, Commercial, Health Care and Sewage waste & dispose them in the allocated locations.

Business Requirement

The client wanted an easy to use yet intelligent platform to track their Garbage vehicles and cut down on inefficiencies. They were also expecting the application to notify the fleet manager based on user defined exceptions and violations. Overall they were looking for an innovative solution to track the entire activity of the vehicles but yet have the intelligence to report based on their business rules and exceptions.

Solution Implementation

Trinetra T-Sense analyzed their work nature; collated necessary inputs on the requirement and a custom solution was implemented that meets all their specified needs. The client was provided with Waste Management Fleet Monitoring System to monitor the Garbage vehicles of their company in real time, with their current position details. Now, after implementation of this Waste Management Fleet Tracking system Fleet Managers can assign route, assign drivers to vehicles and thereby have control over the usage of the vehicle besides they can seamlessly get insightful data required for decision making.

Smart Garbage Bins (SGB) helps to know the level of garbage in the bins based on the level set and the region, SGB not only calculate the level but also through weight of the garbage’s, on calculating the both alerts are triggered which can be viewed by the Fleet Manager, where routes corresponding to it can be drawn and vehicles can be sent which helps to manage the vehicles efficiently during business hours

With the Implementation of Trinetra’s tSense integrated full-fledged customized solution people incharge can ensure whether the truck is covering the assigned route, view alerts on violations and generate intelligent reports defined from the application. With the help of Trinetra tSense, the fleet manager can easily monitor the precise activities that account for the entire route in real time, eliminate unauthorized usage, reduce fuel consumption, monitor the opening and closing of the doors of the trucks, alerting if the driver is disposing the trash in unauthorized areas and many more. With this system being installed the fleet manager can also get immediate notifications when the vehicle stays in a particular collection zone for a time greater than the allowed limit.

By having Trinetra GPS vehicle monitoring & fleet management solution on their side they get comprehensive information to capture around 50+ scenarios that provides maximum productivity & much required visibility on fleet utilization.


  • Effective Waste Management
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Faster ROI from your Assets
  • Enhanced Vehicle Utilization
  • Enhanced Vehicle & Driver Safety
  • Maximized Productivity
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Evaluate the performance of drivers
  • Organized Methods of Work

Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Revolutionizing GSE Manufacturing with Trinetra’s Solution

Real-time monitoring of GSE manufacturing equipment

Industry : GSE Manufacturing

Solution: Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Client is one of the leading manufacturers of Aviation ground support equipment, such as manufacturing power generators, airport tractors & various power units in India . The client designs & manufactures various different models of their own electronic devices to monitor and measure key parameters and activities of their equipments.

Business Need

Client’s major obstacle was to monitor in real time their various ground support equipments location information, key 60+ critical parameters and faults. Even though the client manufacturers customized electronic hardware to adapt to each type of their ground service equipment, they were handicapped by the inability to view information in real time, immediate intelligent data analysis & reporting for decision making was also not available. This led to delays in deploying their service teams for any maintenance and also risks more wear and tear to their ground service equipments in case of any faults.

Solution Implementation

The technical challenge faced with this client was that they had various types of GPS based data acquisition devices. Trinetra designed a device management layer and framed a protocol based on required footprint for each machines for the various devices that the client was deploying so that uniformity can be maintained across devices. The client was then provided with Trinetra tSense PaaS (Platform as a Service) Solution, customized on top of the existing Trinetra Product framework and this enabled the client to use the software application without changing their existing hardware devices. A mobile app on Android and iOS was also developed for their needs.

Trinetra’s Platform as a Service offering has various Dashboards, Map related screens, historical information, Reports, diagnostics screen and many more to aid the customer for intelligent data analysis and decision making.

The offering of Platform as a Service (PaaS) model to host various kinds of third party devices in a structured and reliable manner saves tremendous amount of cost and time for the manufacturers. Trinetra will involved in all important aspects with the customer such as consulting, architecture of the application, development and release


  • Platform to monitor various types of assets
  • Reusability of existing hardware
  • Faster time for overall deployment
  • Future Proof Technology
  • Fault Notifications in real time
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Maximized Productivity
  • Reduced Operational Costs

Revolutionizing Urban Living with IoT: Smart City & Intelligent Waste Collection Solutions

Smart City & Smart Waste Collection using IoT

A study has found that by the year 2050 approximately 20% of the world’s population would be living in cities. However, this rapid growth will cause strain on the existing infrastructure. To solve problems of increased demand from new cities, city authorities around the globe are looking at the Internet of Things (IoT) for innovative ways to enhance services, communication, interaction and reduce costs. IoT has the potential to improve urban living by providing the top three IOT applications for making a smart city.

Smart Parking

Smart parking solution uses the help of GPS-enabled data sourced via smartphones of vehicle drivers to determine available or occupied parking spaces and to create a real-time parking map. Drivers get notified of the nearest parking slot available, through their smartphones and use the map on it to find the spot easily, quickly in real-time.

Intelligent Waste Management

To optimise on garbage/waste collection, smart city solutions use IoT tech to track waste levels as well as use operational and optimisation analytics. Sensors fixed on waste bins or containers sense the level of waste inside and once it reaches close to a threshold, the sensor of the waste management solution records data, processes it and sends a notification to a mobile app on the truck driver’s phone. The driver gets to empty only full containers on a collection run, instead of semi-filled ones.

Intelligent Street Lighting

Modern cities make use of IoT-tech to maintain and control street lighting or lamps straightforward and cost-effectively. A cloud management solution helps to adapt light scheduling of lighting zones, using sensors fitted on streetlights.

Trinetra’s T-Sense solution empowers you to reduce cost and maximise utilisation of your various systems, via inter connectivity, leveraging the internet and wireless technologies. This web-based software solution is, with mobile app integration, can cut costs and improve efficiency.

High Voltage Rectifier(HVR) Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Solution using IoT

High Voltage Rectifier Monitoring Solution


The client is the world’s leading solution provider of high frequency & conventional high voltage rectifier transformer sets that are deployed for clean air applications. They design & manufacture different models of their own transformer rectifiers with control panels for Electrostatic precipitator to reduce the pollution content & emission in power plants in India

Business Requirement

Client being an Own Equipment Manufacturer has a very large number of High Voltage Rectifiers equipment installed at various sites all over India as well as in other countries. Sudden faults in the ESPs & TR (Transformer Rectifier) will cause the whole unit to shut down (Productivity loss of plant) and it takes few days to start the unit again. With a large install base, at various sites it has become very essential that the services/service visits need to be arranged on time or even before by predicting/forecasting the possible problem/fault occurred. The ideal solution would be the client should look for a solution to monitor the real time working status of the rectifiers and able to predict the failures. Besides all this they were also looking for solutions to understand the actual working on their products

Trinetra Solution

The key to any solution is to understand the customer’s requirements and expectations. Trinetra follows this methodology of being customer centric. Trinetra, with the objective of becoming one of the leading provider of IoT Solutions took up this complex requirement with a great deal of system study & design followed by mapping the requirement to it’s robust & modular product framework. As per the present scenario, advanced planning of service visit or forecasting a problem will be possible only if the service manager gets the information in advance, about the site data/conditions in real time. This was achieved by using Trinetra IoT device for each customer asset or for a collection of customer assets focusing on data value.  The IoT device was customized and configured to adapt to the protocols of the customer assets and collected a number of critical parameters in real time. The customer was able to view all the data of their assets across the country from a centralized location. Valuable insights and fault related info was received in real time allowing for appropriate spares to be organized and service person alerted to be scheduled in a more streamlined manner to the respective region. Service managers were also provided with an efficient mobile application along with the portal so as to have a complete insight over the Transformer rectifiers/high voltage rectifiers throughout the day even when they are on the move. They monitor around 1000+ critical parameters at the same time. Trinetra’s advanced report module also helped the client to get intelligent report of performance and fault patterns which can also be scheduled with frequency for receiving to various stakeholder’s email.

Some of the key features which proves to be a value added solution to the client are:

  • Dashboard – Quick snapshot on Reporting, Alarm and Warranty status of whole ESP, TR and HVR in data & graphical format
  • Trend Analysis – Assess patterns and performance of the HVR based on important parameters for a complete month. Very useful for forecasting possible problems/faults in HVRs
  • History – Detailed view for a max of 50 parameters for each HVRs in different time interval
  • Alarms – Action upon all faults and enables smart decision making
  • VI Curve – Intelligent method to check the performance of particular rectifier transformer
  • Mobile App – On the Move access to data using the Mobile app (Android and iOS)


  • Real time updates of alerts and critical information
  • Remote diagnostic monitoring of the customer assets
  • Access to intelligent info & patterns for decision making and performance fine tuning
  • On time Warranty and maintenance aspects streamlining
  • Reduced Operational Costs by reducing the unplanned shutdown
  • Enhancing Customer reputation using Trinetra IoT Product Framework