Industrial IoT Platform Solution Offered for Overall Equipment Efficiency

Industrial IoT Platform Solution Offered for Overall Equipment Efficiency


Precision Machining manufacturer offering tailor made cost effective solutions for various sectors including automotive components, agricultural equipment’s and for textile industry.

The Problem Outline

Client aimed to manufacture smart, connected products that deliver its customer value and define its competitive positioning.  In specific, their Technical VP approached us asking for Industrial IoT solution to remotely access the machine data down to the device level.

Their requirement was to make use of this IOT technology and increases the efficiency of the machines, by integrating machines with different sensing devices that send data to software, makes it very easy to monitor the functioning of every machine, and use the results obtained effectively to make changes.

The Solution Summary

We enabled them integrate IOT into their machines and allowed for real-time monitoring. With this Industrial IoT technology solution end user can gain 100% visibility, make predictive maintenance, historical and live diagnostics, and tuning control available. critical tasks are made easier via effortless access to comprehensive, automated diagnostic web pages that are simple and intuitive. This add on feature allowed their end client’s to monitor machinery, track the performance of their machines and schedule data-driven maintenance and equipment replacement.

Outcome / Result

  • Integrate IoT device and eliminate the friction with the end user
  • Enabling automation based on real-time machine condition data
  • Helps go for calendar based maintenance rather than reactive maintenance
  • Increases product quality and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Increase services revenue 30.5 percent
  • Decrease maintenance costs 50 percent
  • Experience a 23 percent increase in uptime.

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