The Essentials of Implementing Industrial IoT for your Business

The Essentials of Implementing Industrial IoT for your Business

IIoT Solutions

Industrial Iot-based solutions are becoming so prevalent, that soon, we won’t able to imagine a business sectors operating without them. Over the years IoT is one of the driving forces behind the Industry 4.0 movement, let’s talk about the near future of industrial IOT. A global IoT platform supports heterogeneous sets of IoT gateways, devices, and sensors simultaneously. The platform does the management of sensors and devices agnostically and offers the potential scalability to manage millions of devices simultaneously.

Internet of Things holds plenty of opportunities to do something impactful and so  business enterprises are implementing this technology to manage and control enterprises without a physical presence, By implementing this IoT, the business user can tackle the challenge that comes before and access reports remotely from anywhere, anytime.

IIoT, is built on the same notion implemented in an industrial manufacturing environment, the hidden potential of IIoT goes way beyond collecting data and making smart predictions. Advanced IIoT solutions go way beyond and connects various industries which includes factories, machines and sensors to the internet and automatically collects data.

In other words, selected smart IIoT solutions collect data, send alerts and provide actionable insights based on the data, that help humans make optimized decisions, less mistakes, and maintain quality while supporting much bigger production scales.

Industrial IoT platform:

Industrial IoT Platform device, provides a complete digital representation, acts as a gateway for data exchange between the product and the user, also integrates data from business systems, external sources, and other related products. The IoT ecosystem manages the specific platform or entity closer with greater data processing and computing power. Trinetra Tsense, helps to make your business smart by fostering innovative solutions using IoT and data, connecting all your critical devices, machines, systems and people.

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IoT Technology for Developing Smart City

IoT is an emerging technology that creates a massive network of things communicating with one another. It encompasses a broad set of technologies, hardware and software stacks. Data, humans, devices and communication are the crucial elements that forms an IoT ecosystem. For a developing country with quite limited technology penetration an efficient architecture of IoT needs to be implemented based on the present advanced technology.

Smart city is an important concept for the development of any nation. It is for every government to offer different services to its citizens and IoT helps significantly to achieve this purpose. With IoT solutions for smart city development it is possible to communicate transparently and seamlessly with large number of homogeneous and heterogeneous systems, while having selected access to data for designing numerous digital services.

Below are the key advantages of smart city development

  • Improves city infrastructure and transforms existing infrastructure more scalable
  • Helps in creating more efficient and cost effective city services
  • Enhanced public transportation, reduced traffic congestion and improves quality of life
  • Safer for people engaged in a community
  • Enables sustainable economic growth

Overall this IoT platform for smart city development helps to function as a key mechanism that integrates smart technologies and enables the rapid delivery of new applications that helps to create a connected Smart City ecosystem.

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Fleet management revolutionized with IoT

fleet management iot solution

It’s always been observed that, inefficient fleet management system for businesses results in reduced business returns. Without advanced analytics, real-time data or integrated information, businesses may experience unexpected vehicle interruptions and more. In such scenarios IoT takes a major part and leads to efficient and optimized operations, also help businesses in providing innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

IoT – Internet of Things

The trending term in recent days is not just a single technology, the concept is so far-reaching. Significant aim of IoT is to keep everything connected. Fleet management improvisation with IoT is a perfect illustration of how IoT can create efficiencies and reduce overhead costs. IoT with fleet management helps in vehicle scheduling, driver vehicle tracking, and Route optimization and much more creating a noticeable impact in fleet management.

Below are the ways and Real-time examples showcasing how IoT has revolutionized Fleet management

  • Effective Operations
    IoT offers many new features in fleet management like camera management, smart vehicle tracking, driver mobile apps etc. making communication easier and prompt. This advantages streamlines the fleet management operations and focuses in providing improved business results.
  • Automated Processes
    IoT in fleet management provide businesses the ability to automate various processes. As devices are interconnected organizations can setup an automatic flow of their daily processes and trip planning. IoT in place helps to move daily operations into the cloud and makes it easier for remote tracking of fleets at any time from any place.
  • Better Insights
    IoT has the ability to derive collective data from multiple sensors. This enables fleet management companies to get useful insights into driver behaviour, adherence traffic guidelines, vehicle speeding and idling etc. These simply don’t just help in tracking vehicles but also takes an important role in improving performance and diagnostics of discrepancies.

IoT is no longer a future but a reality, if you want to discuss how you can leverage the IoT revolution in fleet management, feel free to get in touch with us and know your predicted growth in fleet management industry.

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IoT Trends – The Fleet Management and Smart City

IoT for Smart Cities and Fleet Management

To improve modernized technologies, that brings greater efficiencies and improvements to businesses world-wide. IoT and Telematics plays an important role in fleet management and smart city management. IoT-The internet of things, created a tremendous impact in fleet management with machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to make the smart city come alive. With IoT for fleet management we can not only keep in track of vehicles but also monitor high value assets in remote locations.

Here we have shared the advantages of IoT in fleet management and smart city:

Fleet Management IoT Solutions

Vehicle usage have increased to a great extent and the need for fleet management are expanding exponentially. Businesses that manage fleets have started using the intelligence of IoT to collect real-time information such as vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage and insights into driver behaviour. IoT a broad term helps to obtain extensive information and intelligence from systems including vehicle location and performance, driver behaviour and a wide range of other data points.

Key advantages

  • Gain Better Visibility
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Greener Operations
  • Enhanced Safety and Security

IoT for Smart Cities

Smart city is one with a coordinated, technology-assisted infrastructure greatly supports in minimizing carbon footprint. The explosive growth of Smart City with Internet of Things applications provides permanent solutions for many scientific and engineering challenges that call for ingenious research efforts. Smart City based on IoT helps in deriving New protocols, architectures, and services

Key advantages:

  • Optimize energy use
  • Creating safer cities
  • Efficient operation
  • Improved field service
  • Comprehensive Security

As discussed above its never been a challenge, but these are the futuristic solutions to be adapted for the intellectual development of both fleet and smart city. Leverage the advantages of technology, Want to know more about TRINETRA? You can request for a product demo here.

Machine-to-Machine(M2M) to IoT Transformation


Communication between machines enables innovative advances in technology, starting from earlier stages M2M technology had a dramatic impact on work lives. Connectivity has entered a whole new dimension in recent years with mobile Internet becoming an integral part of modern business processes, also the demand for and real-time information tracking systems

This real-time Machine-to-Machine(M2M) solutions supports in fulfilling the demand of Integrators, OEM’s etc., relying on the data required for information transformation and realizing the importance for machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions.


Machine-to-Machine(M2M) in IoT support businesses in a great way and the key advantages are,

  • Drive sales through increased customer engagement
  • Improve productivity using automation and mobile access
  • Provide an enhanced user experience
  • Control costs through improved supply chain and logistics efficiencies

M2M support businesses in a great way and the key advantages are,

M2M has great advantage for business, as technology evolves IoT started replacing the areas where M2M had great impact and IoT replaced the native methodology of machines and started working over internet.

M2M in IoT supports businesses in following ways

  • Reliability, performance, quality of experience and long-time availability are extremely high and wireless connectivity becomes a critical success factor for IoT
  • IoT in your working processes allows you to know your customers more and anticipate to their needs
  • Companies specializing in Big Data, analytics, and security will also see opportunities for growth in a world more open to the Internet of Things.

Technology evolves every day and to be up to date on the evolution is significant for every business, Trinetra Wireless your tech partner will help you know the trending tech updation. Leverage the advantages of technology, Want to know more about TRINETRA? You can request for a product demo here.

Ways how IoT empowers Fleet management

IoT in Fleet Management

Telematics is transforming business operations and customer engagement. Companies that manage fleets started using telematics to collect real-time information such as vehicle behaviour, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and driver insights to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and improve safety.

Telematics industry continue to be more connected, this interconnectivity has given rise to the Internet of Things, or IoT. As IoT technology continues to expand into new areas like healthcare and retail, fleet management is the latest industry to be transformed, connecting vehicles and drivers like never before.

Consider the following ways where connected technology has brought greater efficiencies and improvement to how businesses manage their fleets:


Previously, it was not possible for fleet management providers to find out if drivers were making unnecessary stops on their routes, or whether they were driving recklessly, or wasting fuel and so on. But now IoT in fleet management helps to closely monitor the activities of drivers from a remote location, and get an insight into their behaviour and also into the performance of their vehicles.


With IoT, fleet managers are able to know the weather, traffic, and road conditions at a particular location and time. This helps them to allocate and deploy their resources drivers and vehicles much more efficiently.

Preventive Maintenance

Businesses can set alerts for maintenance, temperature deviations, tyre wear and tear, so on. You can conduct preventive maintenance to keep your fleet in top condition, and keep them running safely, without incurring delays and sudden expenses because of breakdowns.

Improved accountability

Fleets churn out tremendous amount of information with regard to fuel consumption, tracking speed, miles travelled, utilization of vehicles and so on. Manually monitoring of such information will lead to rise of errors, having IoT in fleet management provide real time access to data and help to analyse it and act on it quickly.

IoT is the way forward not just for fleet management, but for almost all business. Businesses who embrace the technology now, will have an edge over their competition for sure. Are you looking for IoT solution integrators for your business? Trinetra will be your best solution partner. To know more about, contact us we will get back to you.

Connected vehicles and IoT, fast becoming a reality

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Connected vehicles and IoT, Fleet Management Solution

The world is getting smaller and more connected, thanks to technologies taking giant strides and that’s changing our lifestyle too. The concept of connected vehicles is fast catching up as more fleet and passenger vehicle stakeholders adopt advanced technologies, owing to various reasons and the generic benefits.

Advancing mobile communication systems and the fast penetration of mobile devices into more geographic regions, across large sections of the population, for personal, social and commercial reasons and usage, have virtually led to a revolution. Hence the IoT factor is fast becoming a reality and as a host of services now get connected to cloud platforms.

Connected transport vehicles

The transport industry has been fast in adopting connected vehicle tech, as it has many benefits to the organisation, be it fleet owners, or logistics companies, operating in the industry. Open platforms are being used at professional levels to revolutionise fleet management capacity. The platforms go beyond just GPS tracking to bring about a more proactive management of the fleet and resources. Vehicles in leasing and rental services have also been benefited by this connectivity.

Using the Cloud and Big Data

Cloud-based platforms are being increasingly used for various applications and married to devices with connected technologies (including IoT). The data generated in many business operations have been analysed and put to use, thanks to Big Data applications.

In future, this tech usage can contribute to a unique competitive advantage. The increasing automation in most processes can improve critical factors to result in efficiency, productivity and sustainability. The fleet management solution provides an intelligent asset, vehicle monitoring and tracking system, to optimise operations, reduce cost and maximise utilisation.

Smart city objectives in future

In the future, cities will transform into smart cities, with mostly common objectives of safety, efficiency engagement, equality and sustainability. The integration with remote (IoT) devices is part of that smart city concept.

The objective is to improve safety by reducing accidents and fatalities to reduce emissions and pollution. Monitoring and analysis of road/highway conditions, improve city operations, traffic management, citizen engagement and social interaction besides creating opportunities for all.

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